Tradable Fellowship Certificates

Hows that for an idea?

Lets take an example of having 3 Epic founders join the same Guild.
They all like to play together and decide they want to use their own certs to level up their existing one.

Do we know that this doesn’t work like this already?

I never got a chance to try it. Only saw my house deed in my inventory (So many ? icons in there i didnt look when i had the chance)

And if anyone knows or got a screenshot or something, feel free to speak up!

Yes I think that we are going to make them tradable. The intent is that you are able to pool your certificates together to upgrade your Fellowship. There will also be an NPC in the game that sells Fellowship Certificates and House Deeds for dram, so they can be purchased via that method as well.


Is there going to be anything in place to make sure someone doesn’t create and delete several alts to stock up on deeds and fellowship certificates?

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There’s also a giant potion quest that can be abused by alts for unlimited of those

Good point. Normally anything given account-wide would be Soulbound to prevent this. The House Deeds, for example, are.

However, if we’re going to make Fellowship Deeds tradable, then we’ll have to put something in to prevent this, so I guess I will need to set it up so that you only get the Fellowship Deed on your first character or something.


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