Trading Trickster Goblin Tokens is too hard, currently!

Trickster Tokens are marked as a tradable item and I thought one of the reasons people go for them is to trade them later - preferably with non-pvpers or people not having enough time to go for them themselves.

However, I tried this today for the first time and to my surprise:

  • They don’t seem to be listed in any category in the Auction House, and thus only tradeable via stalls - which makes limited sense without a listing since most players are checking the AH, not stalls; plus it is not possible to trade if the trader got no stall. In the OG those pvp tokens were one of the items going well on the market, I already wondered why they vanished in Reborn, well here is the answer.
  • If you wanna trade them directly, it does not work, not even with both people having pvp turned off! The only way to ‘trade’ them is to leave the pvp-safe zone and kill the person (or have them suicide). I understand the tokens need to be protected while they are brought back from an area, but perhaps there’s a better solution than this. Like flagging them soulbound at first, but then making them tradable without any restrictions once they were put in a player chest or such.

PS: I’m still searching for tokens to buy for dram, also, for the nostalgics, I got few OG trickster tokens left I would like to exchange for “new” goblin tokens. if anyone collects the old.


You don’t need to leave the safezone, token holders can be killed in safezones.

Just making them tradable within highsteppe would be enough to make it less annoying. Also having them listed in the auction house of course.


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