Transmog Unique/Quest Items from Pre-Patch?


Likely this has been answered before, but how are we supposed to get Trimm’s gear or other skins of gear which we got pre-patch?

Many can be farmed, but not all of them. It would be awesome if there was at least a one-time scan of the existing stash and inventory of all players - because likely everyone kept unique items in there - to add the skins of what is in there to the transmog cupboard.
For capes it does not really matter since it makes no sense to transmog them, but it is also a bit irritating to see those we already got in stash greyed-out in the cupboard.

On a sidenote, I bought the Ancient Musky Hat, mainly for the looks with normal raid tokens and noticed I don’t see the skin in my cupboard - is gear which we get for raid tokens not added to the transmog?


Did you dismantle it?


No. And so far I thought all is added on the drop, actually I was sure it is, because the only cape I got after the patch is in my inventory and visible in the transmog cupboard as well.
But if so, that is another thing which adds to confusion, I really don’t see why not all which is in inventory or stash is also added to transmog.


You need to break/infuse items to have them available to transmog.


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