Travellers Hall World Boss Event - October 17th

Travellers Hall will be hosting a World Boss event Saturday (October 17th). We will be cycling through all 3 world bosses.

Times: 2:00 PM MST to 4:00 PM MST.

#1: Tresus (Bjorn)

The closest teleport is Hidden Garden.

#2: Grimus (Chaos Giant)

The closest teleport is Knights Fort.

#3: Wolfie (Scav Giant)

The closest teleport is Flying High.


  1. You are welcome to join us in the TH discord:
  2. You can sign up for the event and have it tracked in your timezone on our event calendar
  3. We will be meeting in Highsteppe at the fellowship court teleport pillar and can have a mage providing transport for everyone that does not already have the teleport locations unlocked.
  4. Remove your capes and put your pets away. This will help reduce lag.
  5. If you plan on keeping PVP on, you can leave your pets at home. :stuck_out_tongue:

Look forward to seeing you there! :joy_cat:


World boss day starts in 30 minutes. XD

Could I get unbanned from the TH discord please I won’t @here or whatever it was :pleading_face:

Sorry, no.

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