Treasure Maps Are Unreal

I love treasure hunting like this in games, but I feel these should be leveled according to the player as well. It baffles me that my first couple of maps have sent me (as a new player 2 days in) deep into the Wastelands and even a fun trip to the Forsaken Isles. Yay. Oh, but I got’em, but that’s not why I’m here.

Has anyone experienced finding a chest sitting somewhere the player is simply not meant to reach? I’m once again deep in the Wastelands, map rumbling in hand, and the chest sits on a ledge unreachable by the player, not locomotion nor teleport reaches anywhere close.


Totally agree with all your points, there should be some system to match the zone you get to your max level class and there shouldn’t be treasure maps that are unreachable unless you play specific classes.

The “unreachable” ones tho, are intentional and reachable by using the paladin class to teleport with your hammer. This is still not how I feel it should be since it forces you to either play a specific class or reach it my unintentional means.
I even made a port about it a while ago, with the idea to add bridges that can only be seen and used when under the effect of ithecac(this was a thing some places before reborn)


Thank you! There’s still so much I’m learning; didn’t know about the potion, and totally forgot about the Paladin. I have 24 hrs left on this map and fought (well, snuck) through the Wasteland just to nab this, I almost gave up. I’ll try the Paladin route, and if not then teleport back for a potion. Thanks again for the help, this game really does have the best community. :+1:

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the bridges that could only be seen with an ithecac potion, were only suggestions recommended to the devs. Not something that was implemented.

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There is another one in Hulthines basin that requires a well placed hammer throw to teleport to an island where a treasure map is.

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Ah, misunderstood. Thankfully I didn’t leave yet before heading back, still struggling with the Paladin throw, but I’m determined. Wish they would implement that though, hidden rooms with invisible walls along with the bridges would be great.

Still, wish this knowledge was a little more informed in-game, or as suggested with levels on these things, that these particular spots are saved for more seasoned players. Thanks for the help guys.

This does bring up a good point.
I believe we intended for the drops to be completely random since you can sell them crated BUT they currently don’t show the zone in the description (which I think it should and will probably have implemented soon).

It would be hard to say what sort of impact changing the drop rate based on your level would have on the market though so maybe we just start with showing the location in the crated box description like we do with shards. :thinking:


That could be really helpful, but I worry if that would make players go for them less, knowing over half are in undesirable locations? I do like the formula of just a zone name with a picture, it really creates the “hunt” experience, and the mystery of the box itself is half the allure. I love this type of stuff, just a little overwhelming when I first started with its locations first chosen. At least it got me familiar with the Wastelands and Forsaken Isle quickly at level 12, lol.

They are only “undesirable locations” when you are first starting to play the game.

As you level up each zone will become easier for you to travel through. It won’t take you long to get to level 30 if you are doing your 5 missions every day. Once you are level 30 you can traverse all zones, including forsaken isle, with ease.

Jakee’s idea is a great one because you can just unload them on the auction house if it is somewhere that you feel is not safe for you to travel to. They sell like hotcakes at 500-1000 dram each on the auction house.


I get that, and that’s what I meant from the start of the thread. I understand it’d be odd to put levels on the chests, but maybe some of the random map spots inside could be locked until a certain level, so like me, a level 6 isn’t venturing off on his first map not knowing what the Wastelands are. Imagine that, on top my first trip nothing was spawning so it was a double surprise when they did, just to have that first chest be empty. It was a learning experience. :grin:

And I got the chest up on the cliff with the Paladin throw, thank you all again!
… with the next map taking me back to Forsaken Isle… :grin::+1:


Although i haven’t actively played in a while, i also have to completely disagree about this part. No quest (and i do see treasure maps as a type of quest as well) should require you to play a specific class to complete it in my opinion.

While pally hammer tele is a “fun” part of the game, some people just do not enjoy playing certain classes and should not be forced to do so to complete x goals.

Just my 2 cents


Making ithecac potion make bridges to the unreachable chests would be cool! This could also be some cool lore that can show that the potions don’t just show dead people but also dead structures, which doesn’t totally make sense because they technically were never alive in the first place but my point still stands


Maybe I misunderstood what the poster meant when they said “over half are in undesirable locations”.

I assumed “undesirable locations” meant dangerous locations.

I hear you on the part about being required to use a different class than your preferred to get there, but that is only 2 out of 20-30 locations.


You should know that for that map you can go up as paladin but once there you’ll want to use the home teleporter or mage teleport to get down because it’s a very specific spot to throw to get down as pally.

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We all started somewhere, for a new player you’re coming into this game with a much better mindset than most. I can tell that if you stick around you’re really gonna enjoy yourself here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry again for the confusing mechanics. On the Brightside, reaching 30 isn’t much a problem. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to do those treasure maps without problem :+1:


Ah, just came back and saw these messages. I had gotten the treasure the day of post, definitely needed to be reminded of the Pally throw. After all that, I immediately teleported back and signed off. I was in the Wastelands for almost a full day looking, lol.

What I meant by “Undesirable Locations” was
If the chests tell where the map is located for players (like Jake_E suggested), then newer or lower level players won’t be running to buy maps for Forsaken Isle. At auction house, closer locations would be picked over, leaving a lot more of Wasteland and Forsaken left as “undesired”, and I’m sure players like diversity; I think leaving the chests anonymous is best.

That mental image reminds me of the Circle of Swords in Conan Exiles; amidst the ghosts in the arena, you also see the “ghosts” of the giant broken sword statues. Not sure how, but it looks cool. :+1:

Oh definitely. Already a week in, level 16 and that tricky one was map #5. I’m currently working map 9 with 3 more at the ready. It’s funny, even though I’m playing the game and doing the quests, I find most my playtime goes toward treasure hunting and fishing, guess I enjoy those mechanics.