Trickster Goblin Day 2 Discussion

I feel like a ton of times the token just disappeared into nothingness due to invis pots. However, I agree with these gentlemen on at least some sort of indication. Maybe everyone within 10 meters of the token is highlighted or something? The less chances of tokens just disappearing and feeling like you had no chance to get them the better IMO.

not particularly no. The safe zone is so massive that as soon as you get in to the highsteppe area you have basically won… also without the indication of where the token boi is heading, they could come from any zone path around highsteppe.

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Depending on where you are coming from there is a lot of HS to have to run. You have a 50/50 chance of guessing the right path and two groups can easily teleport ahead of the token bearer and block them off. Even if they get into the safe zone they are still in danger of rangers and mages for a bit.

A problem I have is that I have no clue when this goblin is spawning.

I don’t play 10 hours a day and hope the message appears when I’m on.
This is probably the same for a casual player as well.

Do we really have to set a schedule or have a 3rd party program to tell us when the next spawn is going to be? This is one reason why the chest get’s monopolized because one team has the times pinned down to the hour and and is prepared for the event.

Wow has the chest spawning every 3 hours for example so you have multiple chances a day to go at it and it’s not a randomized event.

I would show up to the chest if I actually knew when it was going on and where it was going to be but for now I’ll wait for J to announce it or something and hopefully I’m not in the middle of something else.

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I believe there is a tracker on the unofficial.

A 3rd party app a LOT of new players don’t know about.

See my post re: having a stickied community information post. Stickied Locked Community Resources Post

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It’s a 3rd party app but it’s not only 1 team that has the spawn times. Good idea, I really do hope it happens.

Number of people in PvP seen: 11


  • I ran around hulthine and saw 1 person.
  • I never saw the goblin (for the ninth time? lost count).
  • the opposing players were all from the same team.

Delightfulness rating: 1 out of 5.

after we saw that they had taken the token to highsteppe to continue their successful monopoly we had a little brawl in lamavora. It was boring because it was basically 7 vs 3 or something. I eventually turned off pvp and left.


all our oposing players were on the same team

i mean yeah I gathered them all together because I am forced to if there is going to be anything even remotely close to a decent fight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly there was not this time around.

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Very same experience. never saw gob and never got notification. Might have been more fun if in a group against other team but everyone I asked had same attitude of not to bother because opposing group would just get it anyway. Wish more people participated to shake things up but very bland.

Edit: not complaining about opposing team, just wish they had competition XD

Number of people in PvP seen: 11-15


  • People I saw that weren’t on my team about 6-8

  • went to jungle 3 minutes before goblin notification some random giuld leader tried to teleport stone camp me and failed (lol)

  • went to hulthines basin after i got notification had an epic battled with a few people before the goblin spawned

  • 5 minutes later we started searching for goblin while still pvping with people. took a few minutes to find

  • after someone in our party found it he started the trek back to highstep

  • I followed after and had pvp battles with some of the people that were trying to follow him to slow them down

  • We successfully got the token to our guild chest

  • I didn’t see the goblin this time but maybe next time ill get lucky and see it again

  • Almost all opposing players were all on the same team which made this event to day much more interesting than the ones before it. I think there were 1-2 unteamed up people

Delightfulness rating: 5 out of 5.

After successfully delivering the token we went back out to lamavora battlefields and engaged in more pvp for about 5-10 minutes which eventually ended as more people left

hope to see you all at the next one :smile:


Sounds like there is a new discord started to be proactive about the team situation.
Maybe this can at least help that part. The team that grabs it could always choose to broadcast its location themselves if they REALLY just wanted to fight, but :woman_shrugging:

  1. Got the message.
  2. Went to Hulthines. (Correction: saw someone for a split second here I was teleport attacked but they died quick)
  3. Sat around for a few minutes.
  4. Someone next to me found goblin.
  5. We killed it and ran to highsteppe as a group.

During this time I didn’t personally see another person except for a teleport attack. I teleported back and fought for a minute, but like J said. It wasn’t really fun. It seems like within LC most people agree the location should be broadcast so people can find it.

but its not fun when you get teleport killed before logging in a zone

I can second the problem of not getting the notification. If I weren’t with a group, I wouldn’t have known when or where it spawned.

theres atlest 5-6 ways to counter getting teleport pillar camped

tell me how when you only see black before logging in a zone after hearing damage and dead

it would be better when the players who teleport to the zone let them fully load in after you see them grab there weapon or move out of the pillar then you can attack

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Even if you can avoid it, it’s still not good. This is something that will definitely get fixed. I spawned in with an affliction ticking, but killed first.

My Experience:

  • Teleported to Rainforest prematurely because I assumed it would spawn there
  • Spawned in dead because someone killed me before I could load
  • Gear broken to red (My fault I guess) and I saw the message that it spawn in Flooded Rainforest
  • Traveled around and got killed by a Pally (Died really quickly, does gear matter in overworld?)
  • Respawned and fought a Ranger who beat me 1v1
  • Spawned next to where I died and beat him 1v1
  • Walked to the only repair in Flood Rainforest
  • Died to another 1v1 with same Ranger
  • Walked around and couldn’t find Goblin at all
  • From here on out I got 2v1’d or more by a team
  • Saw that the Goblin had been killed
  • Walked around looking for players
  • Found the group of like 12 people together walking it back
  • Died to them and got laughed at on my dead body
  • Turned off PvP and Home Teleported back to the Player house

Wasn’t a very fun experience, the 1v1 with the Ranger was kind of fun but it’s basically whoever gets to hit 2 special arrows 1st wins cause you die in 2 hits.