Trickster Goblin Day 2 Discussion


Part of today’s patch involves some changes to the Trickster Goblin, they are as follow:

  • The Trickster Goblin will now spawn every 6.5 hours instead of 8-10 hours. (Note: the first spawn will be approximately 4 hours after the patch goes live.)
  • There will now be a 5-minute gap between when the server-side notice goes out that the goblin is spawning, and when the goblin actually spawns in that zone.
  • If the Trickster Goblin is defeated, there will be be a notice sent to everyone in the zone notifying them. (Note that this notice is zone-wide, not server-side.)
  • If you have a Trickster Goblin Token in your inventory, you cannot take an Invisibility Potion.

We’ll continue to modify the event based on community feedback over time, but these were the main issues that we felt needed to be addressed immediately.

I will quote myself from the other thread:

Okay, so this thread completely got out of hand last night in a way that makes it impossible to have a good or productive discussion in any direction that we think is acceptable on these forums.

We are pushing out a patch soon that will address some issues that we’ve gleaned from the original discussion before it got worse, and we will create a new thread for it. But be aware that if it goes the same way and people cannot stay civil to each other or constructive we will have to issue blanket warnings and perhaps silences to people contributing to the state of that discourse.

We have a Code of Conduct for a reason. We understand that emotions can get a little heated when your favorite content or playstyle is affected but it is no justifiable excuse to engage in an all around flamewar with each other and makes us less likely to participate and interact in that “discussion.”

Please ensure to keep this one civil and a discussion of the content. Thanks.


when is the new spawn timer starting from? from patch, from last, rando time?
edit: just noticed the message on the main patch note thread


Just quoting my suggestions. Glad step 2 was implemented at least.


Ill be honest… I was hoping youd let the current mechanics roll for a couple of weeks before some sudden changes. There has only really been 1 or 2 rotations with those mechanics.

I will try the current mechanics and let you know my feedback on it… But it is likely that this is what will happen:

  1. a group of strong players will log on at the same time to camp the goblin every 6.5 hours… I already built a timer for myself for this which adjusts automatically based upon the first spawn… I doubt I will get the token though because of this strong group that will immediately monopolize the goblin.
  2. The event will die out after 2 weeks because of this…

Its just my rather cynical theory but let us see how this plays out.

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Reborn Patch 10.903

didnt u say urself u went out with 5+ people this morning?


was 3 of us, 2 from LC and 2 from Carnage, Carnage found it 1st and invis, game over

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I dunno… But I have set up a timer so I can log in and immediately teleport to the zone it spawns in and record each session and watch it get monopolized in the first week. If that doesn’t happen ill eat my own virtual cowboy hat… But it totally will without some randomization to stop gank squads of 7-8+.

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Other than the recent changes that I just read i Would like to see it spawn in one zone so I can both see and participate in a bigass group battle.


Did not get a notification that the goblin was killed, despite being in the zone. :-s


Saw notification but got stuck at grave restart game needed after dying.


Was in a shard fighting a boss when the goblin message came up so missed where it was spawning. I didn’t check so correct me if I’m wrong, but can the message be added to the log thingy above our XP and level bar in case we miss it (or can’t read that fast because I’m uneducated :crazy_face:)?


There also needs to be a second message if when the goblin actually spawns, not just the 5 min warning

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That was a much better experience than the first day, thank you for making those changes!

What does the 5 mins warning say? We only saw the “goblin was spotted” announcement and we were confused if that was the 5 mins warning or not, could you clarify it?

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Dylan’s idea of the goblin spawning in one zone is great, either that or just one spawn location per zone


other then disabling invis pots this update looks good, I have to agree with kamina there should also be a notification that the goblin has spawned, unless there is only one spawn location per zone, sure would blow if I was searching for the goblin but missed the spawn by 5 seconds and never got the chance to recheck the spot that it spawned


so a couple notes on the change

  1. there were some people camping the teleport stones at the start
  2. the change definitly made the wait less and more possible to plan for
  3. there were 0 fights over the tokens
  4. The notice for the goblin dieing only appeared for 3/6 people
  5. both on the runs when we won and we lost the carrier was never seen by any opposition

suggestion: make the zone random, but make it only in one spot per zone so that u cant just camp there, but there is only one known point of contestion


Much better with the times and not being able to use invisibility.

A few additional suggestions:

  • When someone picks up the tokens, have a zone message to anyone that has PvP turned on and
    have a message of who picked up the tokens.
  • If you pick up the tokens, you should have the trickster debuff (no teleporting, logging, potions, or safe zones) on forever until you reach inside of Highsteppe town to clear the buff.

THIS was seriously messed up. Myself and a couple others ported to HS to enter PVP and ported back and by the time we got back, the teleport stones were all held by a certain guild, who killed us before we could even get past the black screen. That’s just wrong on so many levels. Can we get a 10-12s immunity upon porting into a location, so we can at least have a fighting (or running) chance, instead of dying under hailfire of scoundrels?

I think that, as expected, changing it suddenly from a 2-hour random window where people who happen to be on can have a fighting chance to a precisely timed event meant that guilds who were intent on partaking in it were expecting it and able to form up into groups and do things like spawn camp both at the graveyards and at the teleporters.

Please make it random again so players who are on can have a chance, rather than all the people who put a timer on their phones to pop on as a group, spread out to every zone, and spawn camp the moment the message pops in one.


Yah, got killed on entry as well. Single scoundrel Johann unloaded and killed me before the game allowed me to move.

Good tactic… but seriously all teleport stones should have a tiny safe zone.