Trickster Goblin, just to make sure

I was wondering one of those days, reading the popup message saying the Trickster Goblin spawned, it was right in the lands I was at the moment


I got kinda scared. What if I kill it by accident, let’s say, I was fighting another enemy and the shot gets the goblin? Is there a way to drop the token on the floor, or maybe destroy it?

DISCLAIMER: if one of you find me with one of those tokens, it was AN ACCIDENT. I never, NEVER search for that Goblin. I will gladly give it to the first person that asks it to me.

One can call that trauma, or whatever. Yep, it is trauma. I had terrible experiences playing PVP in other games, so I never. NEVER, NEVER EVER activate PVP in Orbus or any other game that has PVP mode.

Thanks for reading to the end.

If you don’t have pvp enabled you can’t kill the goblin. It can kill you though, so be careful


Wow, so… is it aggressive? Even if I can’t attack it (which makes me SO relieved), the Goblin can attack me?

What is its combat level like? Tohmain-like? World-boss-like? Sapling Stafrusher-like?

Thanks for your response

its very aggresive. I’ve seen it kill parties of 3 before. jk. you’ll be fine if you’re level 30. its like fighting one of the little wood men.

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What happens is the goblin doesnt attack you unless you attack it. But with pvp off you just do 0 damage to the goblin.


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