Trickster Goblin pet

what if we had a Trickster Goblin pet that you would be able to get for 50 trickster goblin tokens like a miniature version of the goblin that could be your pet


agreed but only if having it equipped turns on PVP automatically in ALL zones (even in town) and everytime the owner is killed he drops a chest :stuck_out_tongue:

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That would make highsteppe a living hell

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I think you meant… Hellsteppe :smiling_imp:


Im conflicted. I want more things to buy in Pvp, but more then that I want a balancing of classes. Asking for more stuff when the priority should be on fixing PvP seems odd.

-paladin movement needs restriction
-stronger debuffs that last longer against all healers
-maybe change hit identification in Pvp to server rather then client side?


Lol. I wouldn’t ever spend time in hellsteppe

well to be fair they could do other things while fixing pvp at the end of the day we will never be satisfied

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pvp still need a rework getting the goblin is so lame right now some one just kills it and flys away with there hammer what pvp is there nothing unless some one want to just fight out side like a bar fight and battlegrounds so boring to do need more stuff to it


Make that back room of the bar pvp enabled so we dont need to simulate bar fights… or just all of it.