Trouble with Warrior

I’m having trouble with the Warrior class.

I cant seem to block with the shield consistently, nor can I attack consistently.

Is there a special way I need to swing the sword?

Likewise, is there a special way I need to position the shield to block?

Edit: Protect your ankles!

Short enemies, like foxes and spiders, need to be blocked lower than Wyverns, Humanoids, Bosses and other creatures.

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When you say you can’t attack consistently are you saying you can’t get the combos to register right or you can’t get it to act like you have hit anything at all?

The sword does need to be swung in large, arcing motions for maximum damage…if you are just “wagging” it then all the hits may not register simply because you are doing no damage.

For the shield, you just need to position it so that the shield is in-between you and the creature that is hitting you.

(sorry went to dinner, just got back)

The issues I’m having really highlight in group play. In solo play things work out much better. I feel like the sword is clipping past the target, or somehow, the hitbox is not active on either the sword or my target.

I’m doing large swings, but it seems like only 1 in 4 hits register, usually from the left side. This, of course, does not make combos easy.

I’m pushing the shield out further from my body and have had better success with it.

It feels like there is a sweet spot for the shield to be in position, but there is no clear indication that it is in place.

So there was a bug that was reported during the last test I totally haven’t had a chance to look at yet, and now I’m wondering if maybe that was what was affecting @Logan trying to do the dungeon with another Warrior…but basically if there is another player standing right next to the creature when you are attacking it, it may not register hits.

Could that have been happening to you? Since it was mostly not working in group play?

That is a very real possibility!!

We were in a large party, and I didn’t always have aggro.

I’ll keep an eye out and see if that is indeed the case.

So I think I actually just tracked down what might have been causing that problem. Let me know if that’s any better for you now.

When I’m in a group again ill be sure to see if it’s better :slight_smile:

Any other tips about the shield? Some enemies are harder to block than others. Specifically the Ghost.

You’re not trying to block the red area effects are you? Just making sure, you can’t block those.

That is correct. I am aware I cant block those. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to simply let it kill me and block as many attacks as I can.

Ive died 3 times and have had no successful blocks (indicated by my shield being at full HP when i die)

Not to say it isnt blockable, but i have not found where to position my shield to make it happen.

Ive tried reequipping the shield mid combat as well (just in case) with no luck.

That is strange. I will take a look at that one.

OK! I may have just been too close to block the ghosts or something.

Using the sword rush ability more helped to find that “sweet spot” of distance.

Im getting much better at blocking. :smiley:

The shield is kind of tricky. Each enemy seems to attack at a different height/sweet spot. Spiders and creatures low to the ground need the shield lower, medium height like the wolves need it mid height, and wyverns need it slightly higher than normal. The more you play you’ll find each creature’s attack height and it’s easy to get into position.

It was the wile foxes that made that clear to me lol. I guess that’s part of the fun: Figuring out where to block lol

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Just looping back around on this – did the fix I put out last night help at all?

I had noticed a significant increase in the responsiveness of attacking, Yes.


I have never had issues with blocking but i will say after playing warrior up to level 8 thus far I have notice a pattern. When fighting certain types of enemies like quadrupeds there seems to be something strange about their hitbox. I can’t seem to get upward slashes to register from the front so in order to do any combos on them i have to shield bash them and move around to their side. it’s really inconvenient considering every combo requires upward slashes.

Can I borrow this thread? :slight_smile:
I might be the worst warrior but I have no idea how to beat the forest golems. Even if I stun them at about 40% and then burst like crazy they heal themselves up instantly. I read somewhere in an old post that they could be interrupted but I can’t see any visual queue of the healing cast. What am I doing wrong?

I know this is more of a gameplay question than a bug but “Trouble with warrior” seems close nough :smiley:

i’ve gotten them within one combo of dying and then they heal to almost full health. at that point i just stunned him and ran away angrily

I am not angry though :). I quite like that there are mobs that is unkillable for certain classes.