Turn Orbus into nft vrmmorpg

you should Turn Orbus into nft vrmmorpg that way you get rich and Orbus does not die

honestly I’d rather orbus be dead than an NFT game…


just make it free until level 20, then add a 5$ monthly subscription to play. and give people that already bought the game 1 month for free.

Either try to get crowdfunding to " Revive the very first Vrmmorpg game" or we could always just as a community start a massive advertisement campaign to convince people to play Orbus. Those seem like the only 2 good ways to get people

I mean i guess but, even if Orbus Online get money i dont think that new or any devs will be hired. Now i understand is a “thought” but outlander dose really communicate to the community so im assuming the worst.

dont get me wrong i also think orbus would defiantly change with more money, its just i dont think it would change much, longer uptime and maybe if lucky better servers.

Community made trailer/ advert. Would be so much fun

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OrbusVR: Revived


Still hoping devs left orbus to work on a remaster of oldgame in secret, chances of that are next to none though. Riley said several times he has no plans to bring it back

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This kind of seems like the most important thread right now.

Bro got ratiod in forums skull emoticon

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