Tutorial island

I understand the limitations but people are more visual learners more than anything else.

Id say a tutorial island of sorts would be a way to teach players how the game works with the very basic information to get into the game. Break the game up into smaller pieces.

People don’t want to read 100 books to be able to play the game. Nor read walls of text. (People skip reading to play).

People get distracted by too many things when they start off, often left confused.

Could also be a good place to introduce the player to the world lore in small chunks. Where have we been for 20 years? Why/how has the world changed etc. Create a world setting


I agree. Thankfully the community is really nice in helping out new people, but it’s so confusing on learning all the systems and such since there is not really a system in place to teach it. All you got is being thrown into the starting area and you gotta speak to the NPC (who isn’t very helpful to begin with)

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