Tutorial too hard?


I’m not sure what I was doing wrong but I couldn’t kill the thing in the fenced area in the tutorial. I hardly did any damage to it and it kept killing me over and over. Is the game really this hard? Can I skip the tutorial somehow? Thanks


Hi there, which class were you attacking it with? If it was with the sword and shield, make sure that your shield is out of the way as you can hit your own shield with your sword. If it was with the musketeer (gun), grab your turret from your chest and throw it out, it will really help you kill the enemy easily.


Happened to me also when I started, but I tried the ranger first and did not get the mechanics on how to shoot arrows, at all. Best use the musketeer and if it is still too hard shake your turret, so it will switch to heal and heal you, also put a heal over time on you (one of the yellow orbs) before you start the fight and then shoot the bunny normally and with a poison orb, then it won’t stand a chance I guess.
The game is not very hard once you got the (physical) mechanics of any classes, specially the musketeer with the healing ability makes it supereasy.


Didn’t even know I had a turret lol. Thanks much I’ll give it another shot. Was too excited I guess and just wanted in.


I don’t understand why the tutorial area is zoned out.

Why not have the tutorial be like the 1st couple quests int he open world where players can ask for help?


its still there I down it three times


He means it’s a instance. You can’t get help or meet other players, it’s the same as in your house.


I was overly glad to have that starter space… even came back to it after the tutorial to practice. The horror for me would be to be dumped amongst other players in a VR game where I am not even familiar with controls, voice settings and movements yet, but that is likely just me; got a huge reluctance to try those “social” VR chatty apps for the same reason, luckily most of them got an instanced lobby too.


contrary to the current/latest generations of mmo’s which are more farm and collection games nowadays Orbus VR actually is ‘hard’ yes and still requires skill (like the first mmo’s of 20 years ago) and has a learning curve to each class which is not apparent at first. So no, ‘button mashing’ and shooting like crazy won’t work.

After learning your class skills for a week you’ll be looking back and laughing as to how you could die from such an easy mob.

ps: this was actually the really easy part. It gets alot harder…


IIRC the mob was hard to kill because you dont realize that you have special attacks to use. I remember dying to it on my archer because i didnt have poison or piercing shot equipped at the time.


I would not class Orbus as hard as the MMO’s of 20 years ago. Difficult for learning curve with classes, yes, but not unlike some other MMOs of today’s difficulty.

Everquest corpse runs and Eve Online loss of ships were much harder burdens to overcome in my mind.


ouch ! You just caused me flashback to some sunday-night-4am-corpse-running memory back in the days with the new work week starting just a few hours later…

Agreed, Orbus is much easier but still harder than today’s typical mmo’s. Was just trying to stretch OP’s perception of difficulty in order to mentally prepare him :slight_smile:


Oh believe me, I’m 51 and was an Ultima online and everquest beta tester. I’m familiar with old school difficulty. Was just wondering if I was doing stuff wrong. And now in know I was.


The musketeer is a healing class, so using the healing orbs around your gun will help you stay alive in battle more often. Also, if you shake the turret you will notice that it flashes yellow sparks. This means that you have switched the turret into a healing mode where it will heal you instead of doing damage to mobs.

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