Typo on the very first page of the journal


Any chance the typo on the very first page of the journal can be corrected? It says “It’s magical properties”, but should be changed to “Its magical properties”.

It’s frustrating coming face-to-face with that every single time I pull out my journal :joy:


Don’t think anything is worth it to be changed before reborn… i’m not a perfect english typer and yet still very sensitive to typos where I spot them. And the journal, signs, quests etc. are literally full of them. Perhaps once reborn is fully released a community effort like, collecting all of them in one thread, could help to track them down.


This would be great, I am at fault for the majority of the typing/grammar errors and while I try to catch most of them before they hit the game, they still will make it in. Once reborn hits (or we start running the Beta test full time) that would be great if we can just get one thread going to find those and I will gather them up and do a few passes to fix them once we have a list going.

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21 dram per typo? Brotherhood VII? :stuck_out_tongue: Would be a wonderful bouty to have! xD


The problem with having a single thread with all the grammar and spelling mistakes is it would also be a spoiler thread. Out of context spoilers, but still spoilers nonetheless.


I will probably go through and delete the posts once I get them fixed, there is also a spoiler tag you can use on the forums to hide things unless you click on it that can be used.

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That sounds great, thanks!

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