Unable to turn in Completed Long-Term Mission (Fishing) [SOLVED]


Of course you cleared it in one day :laughing:
No fishing quest is “long-term” for the mythical fisherman. :fishing_pole_and_fish:

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Dude what is wrong with you
Why is it done in one day
Calm the hell down

What did you fish

Presumably dwarf shark

He wanted to feed Rupert :heart:

Hi, first of all wow, congratulations, that is a huge amount of fishing!

We’ll investigate and see what’s up, at first glance it should all be working as normal so I will let you know as soon as we have an update.

Did you try restarting the game and seeing if it let you turn it in after?

So my initial thought is that because it tracks %, but you need to catch such a high number of fish, it’s registering as 100% because you’re at like, 99.9%, and only need a few hundred more pounds. It’s happened to me on some other missions, I just don’t remember which. Try catching a few more shark?



This was the answer! Thank you Miska!

Mission successfully turned in.