Unbending Triggers Kill Response From Bosses


For a while now, when unbending procs on what would otherwise be a killshot, some enemies register that it has actually killed you, lose aggro and move on to other players. The particular results vary based on the enemy but it still seems to possibly cause a full reset of the “demon” on the Dethslatu fight and caused sentry to run around unbending everyone before killing anyone a couple nights ago when I ran Tradu. I’ve seen the behavior reported in a number of threads but not it’s own topic, Poison Pools up top in Boss 5 Hell Minion, for one. Just wanted to confirm this is not something that is in need of a fix since it can change situational gameplay mechanics pretty significantly, and seems unintended.


Hmmm…that’s interesting, since the way unbending works, it reduces the damage to Current_Health - 1 before you actually take the damage, so it’s not like it kills you then brings you back to life.

If you can get me a video of it I will definitely take a look, though.


That’s what I was thinking, I’ll see if I can recreate it intentionally.


I’m pretty sure the demon despawns only after the tankbuster, so if you trigger unbending on that attack he will still despawn and you get stuck in hell until another player gets in your same hell.
So i don’t think it’s an unbending bug but just a demon bug, i could be wrong though.


The unbending problem does seem to be localized to specific encounters so it might be a clash of mechanics rather than a bug with unbending.


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