Unofficial partial warrior guide - Pre Beta

Ok so this is done via mobile so it’ll be ugly and disjointed. Stick with me and hopefully you’ll understand what I’m trying to explain.

So the warrior is a sick wicked awesome class with tons of potential. I’m keeping my ‘legal’ tips and tricks for another time, but here are the glitchy/exploit tricks that I believe need to be patched or changed.

  1. Block and attack at the same time.
    If you put your shield close to your body, not fully inside, you can attack and do combos by sticking your arm right through the shield bypassing the “block your own strikes” mechanic. OP

  2. 2ft stun.
    If you don’t want to move but do want to stun, simply turn the bottom of your shield up and poke them with it. It gives you extra reach with no effort.

  3. 360 cleave.
    Cleave (r u u l) is a combo meant to do damage to all enemies in a cone infront if you. This is false. It actually does damage 360 degrees melee range around you. It’s good against enemies that are way lower level. Against anything your level or higher it’s useless. No threat gen and low damage. It’s easier to wound (spike damage combo l u l r) 1 enemy at a time. Faster kills and each kill reduces the potential damage you would/could take.

  4. Hamstring.
    This is just a useless combo. Don’t bother. Uncomfortable to do ( u r l u) , takes too much time, and little return. In pvp the target moves too fast to bother trying to use it and it’s I believe a 2 second slow.

  5. Horn
    The horn is a short range aoe taunt and shield. Gives yourself and allies a shield buff and puts you to the top of the aggro table +10%. It is located on your right shoulder. The initial thought is to grab it with your free hand (shield hand) Don’t. Put your sword away, blow the horn, pull the sword back out. The second you reach with your shield hand you’re undefended and will get hit. It sucks having to put away your sword first but it’s worth it. This is situational.

  6. Outrun enemies.
    You can outrun any enemy. Put your shield behind you and teleport nonstop. For some reason enemies will stop just short of you for a second after a teleport which gives you a chance to teleport again. Pop the horn for a shield before you run passed the mob and stuck the butt out every once in a while to stun the closed guy to you. If you do get hit your shield will take the hit. I outran 4 mobs in the jungle dungeon with this method.

That’s all I can think of that I feel are things that need tweaking. I’ll update this as I think of more. I have other tricks I use, but they are by design and not exploits at all.
Any questions let me know.


As you play the game you’ll learn most of the important aspects of the class as it pertains to vr, here’s a list of what I’ve learned and might help you get in the right direction.

Horn intercept
Long reach stun
Stun intercept
Early evade
Reserve sword rush
Aim for corners on dodge
Can’t stun with broken shield
Force enemies infront
Always have an exit
Ultimate brings back shield
Watch allies for flanking enemies

So watch your surroundings and your own position, only sword rush when you’re out of teleport range. Stun an enemy and provoke it before it reaches your ally, and just know your abilities.

It’s pretty basic when you think about it but putting everything together is tricky. Especially moving so every enemy is infront of you. In traditional mmos you don’t have to worry about enemies hitting you from the side because your shield is simply cosmetic. Shifting your mindset to vr can be really rewarding!


Thanks, great guide! I intentionally didn’t look at any play guides for the warrior as to get a true glimpse at the class coming into the open Alpha blind. That being said: did I miss instructions while playing on how to execute any of the special moves? I went in blind on a warrior expecting something to tell me how to use skills or what the icons and bars on my shield indicated.

The advanced mechanics for the classes were never referenced ingame but the wiki has them. It made the warrior waaaay more difficult than it needed to be. The combos are our bread and butter. The swing patterns have various effects. Provoke is our main taunt. Wound is our dps. I mentioned cleave and hamstring in my post. The class is amazing when you know all the toys we get haha