Unstuck is being abused in pvp. :(

I have seen and had some people unstuck combat on me in pvp for the goblin so they can get a speed increase to run away. I know this is not the original intent for the game and it saddens me to see people abuse a mechanic like this to there advantage. Honestly at this point I am convinced the stuck in combat feature simply doesn’t help in most situations. If I am stuck in combat and actually need it to get unstuck it doesn’t work. And if I am in combat someone else will use to to simply get away in pvp (this is legit the only time I have seen this used). It would seem to me the mechanic no longer helps a bug but instead promotes another one that can be easily abused. I would really love to see a fix to this or just a removal of the unstuck mechanic altogether because I don’t think this is helping the game. :slight_smile:

Since the start of reborn the stuck in combat button hasn’t worked at all for me and seems to be the same for others I’ve talked too. I only use it when movement is still slowed after killing a group of mobs and find the only fixed to resolve the slowed movement is to start a fight with another mob and kill that or go to grave or even re-log.


I don’t use stuck combat in pvp unless a pally hits me and then runs away.
It never works anyway.

I highly dought this is what your seeing. Stuck combat won’t work in those situations pvp…


Sure that it’s not: paladin hammer, warier swordrush, healer turret death tallent, bard speed orb or Sharman tallent? Or just going to the next zone?

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I’m positive it is a glitch/exploit that is not consistent but can be done certainly a lot of the time. I even tested it with someone to make sure this was a bug. It occurs when someone gets attacked in PvP but doesn’t attack back. For example let’s say person A hits person B they both slow to combat speed but person B doesn’t attack back but instead unstucks combat this sometimes (majority of the time I’ve seem) allows person B to get out of combat making person A stuck in combat until they re-enter it by another means like a mob or something and then finish combat. The problem is this means people who have the token can use this to run from the attackers by their speed advantage and get away leaving the person stuck in combat and helpless. I’m positive this isn’t a secondary talent or effect it’s a definitive bug. In fact I know it’s getting person B out of combat cause you can even switch classes ounce it’s accomplished. I’m just disappointed someone hasn’t brought this up earlier since I’ve seen it done a good amount of times now. :frowning:

Kind of legit, only one stuck combat per 10 min is allowed to prevent abuse… but yah, one of my tactics is just tagging the opponent and running away. Is clearly a shame that they can get out of it with a stuck combat :wink:

booooooooo thats un-fun.

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