Upcoming Content: Bracer Slots & Overleveling Perks

Hi everyone, today we wanted to finally talk about these bracers that have been hiding for so long and what we’re doing with them. We’re excited for you to try them out once the new island comes out.

We’re also revealing what the next 3 overleveling perks will be, and these were based on suggestions by the community, so thanks to everyone for suggesting new perks and we think they’ll be pretty convenient to get!


I feel like the cauldron change speed should be a adjustable setting rather then a overleveling perk.

Rest of the stuff looks nice.


The cauldron one kind of scares me, on one hand, it would be great to have a speed increase but on the other hand what if its to fast after you unlock the perk; there would be no way to change it back. (this might not be an issue just speculating a bit)


This can definitely depend for people, but with it maxed out I was still able to brew potions fine and I’m not particularly good at it. :wink:

But yeah, I recommend increasing it gradually and see how comfortable you feel instead of buying all the perks at once.

Have you been doing the x10 potions with it which require multiple mats per stage?

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Yah not going to get this, pretty useless, sorry, or rather a slap in the face for those who have limited playspace/roomscale. I would LOVE this boost for SOME potions, easy/single ones with few ingredients!
For potions with like 12 ingredients it was mentioned before that it is real hard to reach them all. So for these I mostly open my chest to sort them closer to the cauldron in between. It is way too risky to loose a 10x over a permanent perk like this :frowning:

There should rather be a button directly at the cauldron-desk, if we press it it turns green and the speed goes up to the perk level aquired, another press turns it off.

PS: The other 2 are good ideas, specially the dram cap one which often is needed by players who got lots of overlevel perks to spend as well; 1M would not help that much, though, there I agree with Ricknees below.

I haven’t tried those in particular, but in terms of numbers no perk = 5 seconds for a color cycle, and with it maxed out it should be 3.5 seconds for a color cycle, if that is a better visualization of it.


As for the dram cap increase, an extra 1m isn’t really worth the time you put in to get the 75 overlevels, it would have to be much higher to be worth while imo


I want a doubling in cauldring speed. No a trippling. Make it a sport with an adjustable setting. :joy: (can always hope…)

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i think it could be intressting to maybe see a perk that increase dram rewards from npc mission or even a perk that increase xp rewards from npc missions

What about unlocking the adjustable cauldron setting with the perk? Win win lose. (The lose being dev program time)


just cause I was curious I tested and currently it is 5 seconds to switch colors when you haven’t put anything in, but as soon as you put an ingredient in the cauldron the switch time increases to 10 seconds. will the perk only affect the empty color cycle time or will it also affect the switch time when you have started putting ingredients into the pot?


I believe it keeps the 10 seconds currently, as it’s a different timer.

what is the point then?

so then it doesn’t actually get harder to make pots I guess.

still gonna be faster, most of the wait time is waiting for it to heat up, not go back to blue after putting ingredients in.

Tested it myself, better description:

  • It takes 5 seconds to change from color X to Blue after you put in the last ingredient.
  • It takes also 5 seconds to change from color X to color Y
  • When you start for the first time with an ingredient in, it changes first from Blue to Blue. And then to turquoise. Make it look like 10 seconds, which is not the case. (it is 5 + 5)

Dram cap increase: From 5 to 6 million (available in tiers of 200K increments)

Can we get it changed to

  • Dram cap increase: From 5 to 10 million (available in tiers of 1 million increments)

The Bracer idea sounds really interesting! It will tie in to your economy changes very well. I know I will be willing to buy them or grind for them.

I don’t think they should add a buff Icon. Keeping track of buffs is important in some fights and having extra buffs clusters up the bar. Bracer of Wisdom should just increase your wisdom stat. Bracer of Stamina should increase your stamina. We have a regen stat that has never moved, Bracer of Health could just increase that stat.
With life spans that are days long we aren’t going to be watching for when it falls off mid combat.

I do like the idea.

Oh and these would be a good option as a extra reward for long term missions.


Add a stirring stick/spoon in the cauldron that is basically a radial dial. Rotate it clockwise to increase speed, 0000 is 0% increase. 2359 is 100% of your speed-boost. Give players a default free 10% boost with the additional 30% from perks. Or maybe 20% free as 10% doesn’t feel like too much. An overall 50% boost seems pretty satisfying.

The free % does two things. One, lets us achieve higher & desirable numbers with perks. Two, makes the stick have a purpose that won’t confuse new players as to why a meaningless stick is in their cauldron lol.

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Interesting stuff. Shame the overlevel perks aren’t anything I’m interested in. I don’t fish or craft, so I have nothing to spend perk points on. I maxed out speed, luck, and overweight. Bout all that’s useful to me. Was hoping for some of the other perks @Rickness_Voidwalker suggested.

Any chance we could get a luck bracer? That would really create a stir. I’d grind for that like crazy. People would pay for that too. At the moment the bracers are kind of meh if your not a ranger. I suppose if you like to farm the regen could be useful? Not seeing how the sta one will be useful unless it totally offsets the shard status that cuts your teleport in half. Otherwise don’t see the point.

Now if you uncapped the bard ult, I’d go for the wis bracer.