Upcoming Content: Long-Term Mission Vendor

Hi, today we wanted to talk about a new type of mission we’ll be adding to the game in the future, which is long-term missions. At its simplest form, they’re missions intended to take weeks to months to complete, which you only do once and each will unlock a unique reward.

Check out more details:


These sound great! :smiley:

When will this months Q&A be?


I like the idea of the Long term mission but I am pretty bored of the same cosmetic rewards for everything. I really don’t need another mount or pet or cape or harvester. Give me a server boost potion if the quest is hard enough or a fishing pole with bonus luck. If I have to kill 2000 scavs, give me something that goes in my weist slot that gives me +5% damage to Scav


YES plz. Its getting time to add some spice to the rewards. I can wear only one mount. All the others will be just automatically annoying to exist. Same for harvesters, pets and teleporters. Capes can at-least fill the empty spots in the wardrobe which is slightly satisfying to get filled. Same for other transmogs. That is it. Its way more rewarding to work for an item that is worth something then an item that 1 out of 100 (or 1 out of 10 on great transmogs) likes the most as their new transmog style.

I know it will cost a programmer + artist instead of only artist to get those type of rewards in. But it changes its worth from small amount of appreciation to over half appreciation.


Things I’ve asked for before and will continue to ask for:

  • Critter gun with faster fire rate and higher chance of spawning rare critters
  • Fishing rod with higher reel speed and increased line strength
  • Harvester with 1 tap harvesting and a low chance to receive 2 of the resource

These would all be great rewards for long-term missions, something that is worth working for rather than new axes/teleport/mount/pet like Rejinx and Scott said, we already have so many of them and can only use one


Mount with booooooooooooooooooooooooooost you can grab some handlebars with to direct your movement & use your open hand and click the trigger to activate the boost button. Something like that :stuck_out_tongue:

(balance not considered just thinking of flavor mounts)

Gimme dat podracer


true its so useless if they just adding new stuff just for fashion
very boring
like the caps too
most of the time i just threw everything away - _ -

please add stats and spezial boost for every item so its worth to keep and got them

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