Upcoming Content November 16th: New Overworld Quests!

Hi everyone, today we wanted to showcase one of the two pieces of content coming on November 16th - three new questlines with new NPCs and locations in the world, as well as an expansion of a current questline.

The second thing coming November 16th are the new legendary cosmetics that will be dropping in shard dungeons - more on that in a future blogpost.

Check out the preview of the new places you’ll be visiting:


Whoa all the lore!! Can’t wait to see what you do next with the story! And I’m starting on a new lore theory: why the lighthouse will be the next main villain.


I’m very excited for more things in the overworld. I think this will be a big step in the right direction for making the wilds feel a little more alive and interesting


Just a head’s up, for the legendary cosmetics, we’ll have a post previewing all of them up on Monday. Have a good weekend!


Will we also know how they would drop? There is alot of possibilities how:

  • Is it a once a minute chance again?
  • Is it on any mob in a shard (if so do adds like lich king minions count?)
  • Or is it dropping from the shard chest?
  • Does the level shard have any influence on the drop chance?
  • Is the drop chance as rare as the overworld ones, or more common/rare?