Upcoming Content: Player House Preview

Hi everyone, we wanted to show you a preview of the new player house coming on the April 5th update!
Keep in mind that the appearance here is subject to change and not 100% finished yet.

Read about the new features and check out the new screenshots:


Looks amazing! Any chance the potion table could be adjusted to allow 2 rows of ingredients like the lure station?

The single row makes for a lot of awkward reaching…especially challenging with a cat sitting beside you in RL!


Hold up, that isn’t a DPS Warrior buff!

On a more serious note, it looks great. The addition of a Minotaur to the training room will be pretty awesome to do parses with Giant Killer, and will make it harder for me to miss my scoundrel shots.


I never did much tinkering, but didn’t each room have a pretty low max furniture limit? Is that being increased?


“The third floor, accessible only via the elevator, houses the library… we have a feeling this roomy space is about to become your favorite floor in the house.”
I feel called out :sweat_smile:

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I was thinking the library needed expansion due to all the new lore books the hero has collected on their journey :eyes:

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A MIRROR!!! Yessssssssss

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can we get a mirror in highsteppe so that i can spend all my time looking at myself rather than actually doing anything productive?


With the new houses will there still be the instructions animation on the wall? It would be nice to have an option to switch that off.

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You can disable them already in the settings. Under graphics find “help signs” and switch it to “Disable help signs”


That is good information to know. With all the bitching I’ve heard on the issue, it would have been nice for someone to give this up long ago. I turned tutorials off in the menu but didn’t think to check graphics.

Thanks for the tip.

I would love to see a dps meter as well as the minotaur in the training room. Can’t really train if you can’t see the results.


An interesting change would be to give the minataurs 10M health and no regen. In that case, you can “parse” simply by killing the dummy. All you need is a stopwatch and you could get a good parse on your DPS. Just have it regen every time you leave the room or it dies if you wanted to reset. You would be able to get an idea of your DPS without the devs having to do any major coding or UI additions, and you wouldn’t need any external software.

You could even just parse twice for the same amount of time and look to see which parse lowered his health more.


That is some creative thinking there, great idea! Since it is linked so closely with the fellowship dummy, I wonder if one can be set to regen while the other is set to not regen?

I think it would be best they put an extra new type of dummy in that room in the future without that regen idea. Keeping a boss sized dummy in there that can not die would be very handy to have too.

since there seems to be some issue with the dummy not dying, how about the devs just take the mutated rat or something and make that immortal in the house while the fellowship dummy stays the same.

We wanted to be sure it wouldn’t cause performance issues on Quest 2 before announcing, but we are increasing the amount of furniture you can use in each chest with another unlockable row, from 16 to the new 24 per chest! :slight_smile:


by chance is the window in the library see through looking out into highsteppe? I feel like its a big missed opportunity not using that. also would love a mirror in highsteppe itself to check how my gear looks in different lightings


First Highsteppe City, now this. I feel like this game is making massive strides in it’s aesthetics. if this trend continues, this whole game is going to look amazing in a couple of years. Please keep going back and overhauling zones in the game. My vote for the next zone is fellowship hall.

also better tutorial :partying_face: I feel like that was one of the biggest immediate turn-offs for the game. hopefully this helps with new player retention

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Amazing work. Are there any plans to allow us to invite other players into our houses?