Upcoming Content: Winter Fest, Battlegrounds, World Boss & More

Hey everyone, here is a brief overview and dates for the remaining content we talked about in our previous roadmap. These updates will take place in two patches, one on December 14th, and one on January 18th

Check it out:

We’ll have a more in-depth preview of the world boss content as we get closer to release of the update and we’re eager to see the community organize new boss hunting parties!


I am so excited for the new battlegrounds map! will the new battleground modes come out on January 18th as well, or will it still be just capture the flag?
EDIT: Also, will we be able to vote on what map we want to play in, or will the map selection be randomized? Finally, can you PLEASE put something in to see how many people are queued up for battlegrounds, dungeons, etc. this is something we desperately need.


The new map is still capture points, but it has a different number of points so it should mix it up.

At the moment we are planning on replacing the current map. The new one should be much more accessible and visually distinctive so a significant usability upgrade over the current one.

I’ll mention your suggestion about a queue counter to the team.


I dont know if this is just me, but i would rather we keep the current map along with the new map. I have made a lot of fun memories with the map we have now, and a lot of strategies as well.
I also just want to say, thank you so much to all of the devs for actually making an effort to listen to real players, hearing their feedback and suggestions. You guys really are a part of what makes this game so special.


A good close off to the year. I am still holding out hope for some more old game dungeon bosses next year. New dungeons would be great tbh