Upcoming Winter Festival Sneak Peek

While I’m not quite ready to do a blog post yet (will be coming first part of next week), I’m really excited about the changes we made for the upcoming winter festival and wanted to share some of it with the community. Like the pet snowman which I think looks awesome (one of the dev team members said they felt like it had a judgmental vibe haha).
Also we went farther then we did with the Fall Harvest Festival with making updated texture sheets and new texture sheets for the zones along with completely new props like new trees and bushes, etc. So just wanted to share a sneak peek since I’m excited about it.

Were still doing some final tweaks to the textures and colors so these images might not reflect the final product.

Edit- The blog next week will have all the information like the rewards (there will be a new pet, transmog set of gear, cape, etc) along with when the festival will be happening, how many quests, etc.


so cuite the snow man also love the winter look


also dragon pet sledding down the hill funny


Thanks, ya I really liked the dragon sledding also

the dragon need to have a slop to make sick snowboarding moves :joy: haha

I like the idea of another event and hope you took feedback from the last one to improve this one.
1 issue I can see already though is if the whites and bright blues are constant colours around the map my eyes are going to hurt after playing. I use dark mode for everything possible for a reason.

The wastelands (last image) looks great currently and inner highsteppe looks good as long as the snow isn’t blinding and everywhere. My main concern comes from the image of highsteppe hills (image after dragon sledding that looks nice btw) the complete overhaul of brightness is too much for me personally.


Yes this is something were paying close attention to and still tweaking, we don’t want anyone to come away with VR snow blindness ha, but I think were getting it in a good place.