Update on Login Server- 1/16/2023

Wanted to share with the community we found the issue with the login server going down last night. We implemented a fix for this, along with additional monitoring to ensure if it does go down we will have a quicker response time. We will be watching this throughout the week and will update when we know 100% that the fix is permanent. We apologize for any players that were trying to login during the outage and were unable to play the game.

On a side note, we were able to find this issue quicker as there has been more players recently logging into the game, so be sure to welcome all the new green leafs running around! We are still planning on having a blog post coming out this week (planning on tomorrow if all goes well) about the upcoming anniversary.


Just wanted to update this post, we have been monitoring the servers since this post and have not experienced or detected the server issue we were having. I do not want to jinx us and say we got that specific issue resolved, but I will say that everything has been stable and we will continue to monitor it.


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