Update to Wiki for us sprouts

I’d like to ask a favor. seems resources for this game are lacking. Most games I play have plenty of great external sources. Can someone take the time to improve some information to the following? Trying to find shiny metal but havent had any luck other than player stalls. The wiki could use some love from expert and knowledgable players.


Orbusfreepress is the most up to date wiki.

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I’ve had good luck finding shiny metal killing Felids and Boars in the Flooded Rainforest. From my experience it seems that most animals just drop random lure pieces based on some sort of rarity. Flies and Snakebits seem the most rare based on the quantities i’ve so far.

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We can’t. There is something wrong with that wiki since years which makes it impossible for anyone except Riley to edit that wiki (which he could not fix). That is the sad truth.

So yes, use other wiki’s like orbusfreepress or travels hall.


Oh yeah that’s much better. Google search wasnt finding this. Thank you!

Just a link for anyone looking for it


And here is the Travellers Hall wiki (to make finding it a bit easier). :slight_smile:



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