Updating Fellowship Member Limit

Fellowships, or rather their member limit, have caused annoying workarounds for many fellowships in the past. In Reborn, this is far less common, but it still happens, where a fellowship will have to make various sister fellowships just to keep up with the enormous amount of players. Making sister fellowships comes with a variety of issues, such as organization. Not only that, but many players may see the sister fellowship name tag, and think them completely unrelated to the original, core fellowship. The only fellowship I can think of that has these issues nowadays, granted, is Kosher Cowboys. But, that still means that a fellowship still has this issue. Kosher, in this particular case, is at the member limit of 70, being a level 5 fellowship. Recently, a sister guild, Saints of Samaria was created to house extra players. However, this just led to confusion. Which is why I ask, that the fellowship member limit be raised. If you really want to keep with the current system, simply add more fellowship levels, increasing the member limit the way you already are doing. If a fellowship really needs the extra member slots, they likely have more than enough XP to level up. So please, hear out my suggestion, and increase the fellowship member limit.

Current limit is 75 and Kosher Cowboys is currently at 65 so there’s 10 more slots, the majority of the players in the fellowship are also inactive so you could easily make room for more by kicking some of the inactive players. I really don’t think there is a need to increase the cap beyond 75.


Yea there’s no point in sucking in every test player into a fellowship or how on earth did you even get that many with barely 100+ active on the whole server… 17 show active outta these 65, so they got 43 spaces :smiley: . Go for quality, not quantity, we clean up the guild regularly, if people leave for a month you safely can kick them and let them re-apply, well if they ever come back (most won’t).
[Btw 4 Kosher Cowboys show double for me in the armory, might be a bug if that’s also showing ingame like this…]


Maybe they were confused bc the guild names were COMPLETELY different. Just my opinion.

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