Updating the game

ok so i’m sure this has probly been addressed before but i didnt see the forum. but i’m trying to update the game and its downloading everything at a rate of 0.05-8 mbps. now my internet is indeed a steaming pile of horse crap but it hasnt been this bad and i dont think it’s my internet because everything else is fine. and yes i did re download the launcher and it’s still the same. any suggestions?

You can try using this alternate download:


The good news is that beginning on December 15th when Early Access officially starts, we will switch to using the built-in Steam updater.

ok thanks i’ll keep this in mind. went to the bathroom came back and the speeds are picking back up so it may have solved itself for now. btw riley did you get my email?

Yes I did, it sounded like your friend just got disconnected, so no worries. Let me know if it’s happening repeatedly.

Will the updates also go to the oculus store as well or will steam be required to update / manage the game?

When it’s on the Oculus store you will not need Steam at all, all updates will go to both stores.

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