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[size=7]Order Of Gatis[/size][/center]
Order of Gatis Is the communities default guild for the gaming community modtv1337.com . 18+ ONLY. We are a structured guild made up of determined members who will persevere and accomplish any goals the guild sets forth. We feel extremely loyal to our faction. As protectors of our realm, we are open to guild alliances with other guilds who share the same loyal-to-faction mentality as we do. When the Reds come, we will be there to stand and defend our faction. We will not tolerate zerg/Ctrl+F/pking guilds. We have made an honorable name for ourselves in Alpha games such as GW2, Archeage,Rust just to name a few. We fully intend to uphold our reputation into Live Launch.
Every member is an integral and influential part of this guild. Guild Meetings are every Friday 9:00pm EST. This will be the platform for all members to discuss the week’s happenings and/or issues, as well as provide feedback to the GM, Commanders, and Officers. This open-forum will allow everyone to express any opinions, objections, and/or ideas to the guild leadership.

The Guild Structure is comprised of six separate divisions, headed by a Commander and three Officers. Members assigned to each division will report to the Officers in the Division, who will then report to the Division Commander. There is also a Guild Council. Structure as follows:
[]OoG Council-GM; Public Relations Officer; Division Commander Reps; Event Planner; War Strategist
]Building Commander –Logging/Mining Officer; Fabric Officer; Trade Pack Mats Officer
[]Crafting Commander-Farming Officer; Proficiency Officer; Trade Pack Mats Officer
]Gilda Procurement Commander- Farming Officer; Gilda Receiving Officer; Trade Pack Mats Officer
[]Ship Commander-Ship Guard Officers; Boarding Officers; Cannoneers
]Land Commander- Forward Officer; Middle Officer; Rear Officer
What The Guild Will Provide Its Members:
[]Safe Haven Community-Defense Against Pkers
]Structure Conducive to Guild Goals & Personal Goals
[]Guild Camaraderie- Friendly; Knowledgeable; Willing To Help Others
]Active Guild Website With Forums
[] Guild Mansion; Guild Galleons; Guild Trade Ships; Guild Fellowship Center
]Guild Raids-Reds; World Bosses; Land & Sea Battles
[]Trade Pack Runs-Nightly
]Dungeon Groups-Mentor/Mentee Quest Completion

Community Information:
Discord Info: https://discord.gg/CjkTCR5

Site Info:Community Home Page

Forums:Community Forum

Prospective Alliance Information:
[]Share Same Faction Loyalty Ideals (No pkers)
]Team Up for Land/Sea Battles
[]Possible Assistance on Dungeon & WB Runs
]Provide Defense & Backup If Called Upon
Warning this is a generic recruitment template and alot of above may not apply to the current game Please feel free to ask questions.

You can find me streaming this game most nights @ Twitch.tv/modtv1337 as well as future series will go live on my youtube channel @ youtube.com/modtv1337 thank you for taking the time to read this and i will see you in the Virtual World!


Sounds more like a cult if you don’t mind me saying :wink:


Well, this recruitment layout was pulled from Archeage Online and if you know anything about that game there are two different factions and a whole hell of alot of Games of Thrones politics <3