[US][NA] Nova: Recruitment Reborn

Nova is looking for new awesome people to join for Reborn.

What is the deal with Nova:

  • Focused on progressing the games hardest content in a focused but fun way.
  • Medium sized guild, every member gets to vote on every new member so we don’t grow fast but try to find new members that fit our guild.
  • Some of the most skilled players in the game in every role. Our mages top the leaderboard and enjoy teaching others.
  • We play mostly between 5pm to 11pm PST, 8pm to 2am EST
  • Our members are mostly adult age. Not a rule, but over 18 years old will generally fit in better with the group.
  • Been around over a year and we still play together almost everyday.
  • All members are equal, we have to be picky because once you join your opinion is just as important as any other member.

What we are looking for:

  • Active players that plan to play at least 3 or 4 nights a week for the foreseeable future.
  • Players that want to get better and want to challenge themselves.
  • Players that want to have fun, memes, jokes and a little trolling of each other is encouraged
  • Expect to be a recruit for a few weeks before we vote on you unless a lot of members have played with you before.
  • We are willing to make anyone a recruit but must be at least level 20 to get voted in as a member.

Everyone join our discord!! https://discord.gg/C778nQ4


Do you mean lvl 20 to become a recruit? Maybe I read that wrong. I wanted to ask that so that I could make sure. If you can be a recruit at ANY lvl I will join.

The only thing I cant do is play actively due to school. High school is hard for me with my… disabilities.

Recruiting level 30s who want to get better at there class and want to fight through the hardest content. Our biggest current need is a Warrior tank.

Just speak up in the Recruitment channel on our discord and jump in Open Comms voice channel if you see anyone in there.


Here’s a link to the Nova discord: