Useful PVP implementation

Please add something useful to pvp in however way you would like to implement it, the goblin is boring since all you get is transmogs, PVP NEEDS SOMETHING NEW AND USEFULL ADDED PLEASE


cough also balancing cough


Idea in case burried:

Boss CTF , flag spawns at one boss room team must defend and get enemy flag to center of their boss room while keeping their flag to score.

Many shard dungeons could be used for ctf without much change. (Leaving trash mobs in the game might even be fun. ) maybe faction them to teams …

But yes , litterally any new content as long as it does not replace current content would be appreciated.

A simple FFA arena in the world some where where entering the sand flags you for pvp but you can watch from the stands without being flagged. (Ala the colloseum/ OG w.o.w )


I would be cool with a rebalancing too, but I think most importantly, there should be loot involved with pvp, the trickster goblin is cool and all but it is hide n seek only. most mmo’s make it so you can loot people gear, I don’t think this would fit in with orbus, so please find a way to add good loot to pvp.

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If the classes were rebalanced and good loot implemented, pvp would be off the hook, more people would stick to the game and play it more. A good idea would be to have weapon/gear attachments that only help with pvp, right now a scoundrel can one hit pretty much anyone, if it is to be that powerful there should be a tradable weapon attachment that you lose on death, so maybe everyone you kill in battlegrounds has a small chance to drop one for the player that killed them, this would make battlegrounds more popular and pvp more active, so if the are a random loot bag drop from battlegrounds but a guaranteed drop from a player in world pvp that has one of these attached to their weapon you would see pvp greatly increased, as well as overall retainment of new players.


Ok , here we go …
Ranked Arena and you gain Honor and exchange this Honor for the Desert Gear from OG …

This Gear has Tenacity on it ,
Tenacity : whenever an attack (from pvp) would kill you , you are reduced to 1hp instead

(usable x times per encounter where x is equal to y% Tenacity Rounded Up ) .

If you reduce an opponent to 1hp while at 1hp you Heal for your tenacity rating. If you kill someone while at 1hp you heal for x2 your Tenacity Rating.

O and a Warrior Pvp Shield that can block spells and other projectiles.

I’m envisioning Arenas from BC wow for this.
Big sand pit , some obstacles to hide behind. Relatively small map. 1v1 2v2 3v3 brackets.

Just Dye the Weapons and Armor something different for each Bracket. Essentially giving us preapproved weapon dye transmogs.

Bring Back Proto Gear from the Tradu dungeons , have that rewards for pvp aswell.

Maybe give Warriors that sleek simple explorers league sword ?

Allow musketeers to use confetti gun ?

Idk , there is alot that can be done with the existing assets in the game.

O , let us unlock the fisherman’s beard for barbershop changes to our character.