Valve Index Controllers / Knuckles Support


I know the focus is on the Quest, but will there be any special support coming for the index controllers? I don’t think this has been talked about for a few years, and these things will be coming very soon now.


I’m in the same boat. Hoping I can wiggle my fingers.


I haven’t had a chance to fully implement support yet, but the new avatar system was designed with individual finger movement capability. So hopefully we can at least get that part in pre-Knuckles launch. I have some to test with and after we get past the Quest launch I will spend some time working on that.


Thanks a whole lot for the response. I’m really happy to hear about that. Can’t wait! Good luck.

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I bought the Vive package with Deluxe Audio Strap just to become part of Orbusvr Reborn. I’ve never experienced a VR title before, I really dislike the Vive Wands though, so bought the Index controllers on pre-order soon as they became available. I’m delighted that this amazing dev team will be working on their support.
Very excited about this project and look forward to becoming part of the community and enjoying as much content as possible.


the touch pads should never come back to VR


? Knuckles have both stick and pad


? ok, no giant touch pad for only movement ever again


Honestly i love the giant touch pad more than anything, the joysticks feel immersion breaking to me, was quite saddened when the knuckles adopted the joystick