Virtuix OMNI VR Treadmill Locomotion Support? (or WASD support as the OMNI emulates that)

I have a virtuix OMNI and saw that adding support through the Virtuix OMNI SDK was talked about - I wanted to know if this was implemented?

If so then I will for sure pickup this game and I’m sure others on the Virtuix OMNI forumns would be interested as well.

Please let me know of the status of OMNI support for locomotion or WASD/keyboard locomotion (as the OMNI can emulate WASD)

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you slide via the trackpad / joystick. If you can emulate that then im sure it would work, WASD is not supported.

I don’t think it’s currently supported but Riley has said several times if people are interested in the new technologies he would love to support as much as possible. After the madness of launch I’m sure he will look further into Omni support if you’re interested in the game.

Hey Mark, grats on your Omni! It’s nice to know that the Omni consumer community is still going strong!

It would be very nice if the dev team did provide support for the Omni, but there might not be much incentive to do that if not many people are using that device.

Has there been any news at Virtuix about opening sales of their OMNI units to consumers or are they still going down the commercial only route?

As Sulon mentioned, WASD is not supported, and being on the keyboard, probably won’t be supported.

Come to think of it, there is third-party controller/keyboard mapping software out there… You might be able to map your controller movement functions to your WASD keys and then use the OMNI software to emulate those keys. It’s a bit of a work around, and you might get a bit more lag than just using the controller directly, but it’s something you could try yourself.

Thanks for the replies - and there is a work around using a couple mods to get the OMNI working to emulate the touch pad joystick, however this can be hit or miss and kinda a pain.

I now plan to see if I can get that working however, because with Orbus released on Steam (and in Steam VR) I should be able to get the mods working together, I have been waiting for a solid VR MMO and all I see about Orbus looks good so far!

Also sadly the OMNI is still only selling to commerical partners (I am one of the preorder/kickstarter consumers) - hopefully sometime soon they open it back up to consumer sales as they have production going at a solid rate.

Side note: They had stopped consumer sales because they had too many preorders come in and the backlog was crazy/too much for a small company to handle.

Yeah, I was an international pre-order backer and know first hand what their issues were.

The number of pre-orders itself wasn’t the problem, the cost of shipping for the heavy units was severely underestimated. They would also have to pay for shipping for the units for in-warranty repairs/tune ups which were pretty much a guarantee within the first 12 months.

Committing to such costs would probably have bankrupted them so I don’t fault them for that decision, but the original miscalculation and their handling of the matter could have been much better.

I hope that they do open up consumer sales again in the near future soon though. More users will encourage developers to provide support and more tailored games which will spur innovation and increase their market reach.

Couldn’t agree with you more on that one @Admino - and it is a really great product for games that has full/built in support.

Also sorry to hear you were one of the international preorders - kinda crappy that they had to cancel all those :frowning:

Mods get dicey as if they don’t function correctly (which happens often) - the bugs and lag break the immersion, which is the whole point of VR or any game really.

I’m still having problems with the mods that emulate the touch pad joystick :frowning: so I may have to wait to play Orbus… (I’ll likely give the mods another shot tho as a VR MMO where you can run is extremely exciting haha)

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