Vive Tracker Pucks

Are the Vive puck trackers supported in Orbus?

Either for feet or for objects.

Not that I know. I don’t even know if the devs got any trackers. Would be nice to experiment with em though, but in my opinion there are other things that need refinement before adding even more features (ㆀ˘・з・˘)

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There’s not current support for that, however we are looking into adding support for additional things such as the new Vive knuckles controllers and Vive pucks. For example, we just recently did a bunch of testing to make sure the game will work well with the new Windows MR headsets.

In general, our approach on this is that we want to support as much as we can all the cool new stuff that’s coming out for VR, but it does have to take a secondary seat right now to getting the game launched. I think that post-EA, hopefully that’s something we can work on.

If there are particular interactions you’ve had with the game that you think would be enhanced by supporting the pucks, please feel free to let us know what they are!

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I do not believe extra features that other vr headsets don’t have should be added because it gives them extra features that us oculus/steam won’t be able to use.

Obviously we would never add anything game-breaking or mechanic-dependent that one headset could have over another. The Vive pucks for example would just be used cosmetically to have better tracking of foot position instead of relying on IK to guess where it is if we ever decide to show legs/feet. The Knuckles controllers could be used to give better finger-level control to allow you to make better gestures in-game, make it feel better when pointing at menus, etc. Just like right now how you can use the Point gesture on the Oculus Touch controller to point your finger but that’s not something the Vive wands support.


As a ranger I would like if I could kick the trap to slide it in a direction I want <3

yes I want foot collision! It gives a huge feeling of immersion

I would buy tracking pucks for my feet, legs, and elbows if you are willing to rig them up in-game. People need to see me getting my boogie on!


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