Voice chat range

Does being in a group extend the range of voice chat? People are hard to hear more than a couple steps ahead or behind you.

Maybe increase the range with group members?

Compass-talky is cool for long range / different location comms.


This would be nice for group, it’s hard to use the compass when you are fighting. I’d love to see the range extended. I’ve been meaning to request this as well.


yeah I agree completely. I’d to see something that makes sense and allows us to hear from pretty far. kinda like real life.

maybe allow us to reduce our mic volume by half when we put a hand to our mouth, that way we can whisper to people and not have everyone in the zone listen in. :slight_smile:

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I also agree on this. Larger range while in a group sounds like a great idea. Maybe a +2 Meter voice range per party-member?

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FYI - Per the 2.16 Patch Notes

“Adjusted the voice chat distance for other players. The maximum distance at which you can hear someone has stayed the same, but the voice volume should now fall off more slowly so the net effect is that you should be able to hear people from a little farther away.”

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