Wand breaking, spells autofailing

For the past while, my wand has been glitching out. Whenever i spam-cast, after a couple of spells my wand starts auto-failing the spells while i am drawing them, which is annoying especially in pvp or high-level shards. After a while of the spells auto-failing, my wand breaks and i cannot cast spells until i change classes and change back to runemage. As you can imagine, this is a crippling bug if it happens during boss fights. Is this a controller issue or a game issue? I am on a quest one

If you get the issue where it just doesn’t draw anything, try pulling both triggers. That typically fixes that particular issue.

This sounds like 2 issues, the first being that you fail a spell but the game is giving no indication whether or not it succeeded or not and the second being wand breaking. The wand breaking as mishka says can be fixed by pulling both triggers but the first issue is a VFX bug that happens when the game is struggling to run.

For example if your game is dropping frames and it drops a frame as you submit the spell it seems like it will just skip the spell entirely causing no fail animation. Weird but may be the issue. It would also explain why spells just disappear on wand more often in areas with more players.

It could also be you are failing the spell and no VFX is happening and then you click your trigger too early making casting again be all weird. I would not know but I would think its the former as it seems to happen more when the game is having a harder time running.

This happens often to me. Eventually they will reset the server and everything will be buttery smooth and awesome for awhile. I know exactly what you mean tho…

Your spam just stops and skips a few spells and nothing happens and then the wand stops working.

I suppose it could be a packet issue…

It is also quite common for spells to “stick” to the wand for a second after you have released them which breaks your spam and sometimes I will cast 3 or 4 spells which neither fail nor cast and then they all come off the wand at once… and cause whatever I was casting when they came off the wand to fail, which also breaks the wand…

As a fireball mage I found it annoying, now that I play rotation I find it much more annoying lol

Hitting the two triggers simultaneously makes the wand work again without fail… but it often costs a super…or ultimate or whatever the mage beam is called…

I find that playing in busy areas exacerbates things… I also find that this happens less if you keep your spam under 3 spells per second…

I still love the game and I still and for all time love the concept and implementation of the OrbusVR runemage… I just love it more right after a server reset :slight_smile:

No, this is not the case, it causes a fail animation, but it happens even when i draw it perfectly fine. I will be spamming a couple of spells, and all of a sudden when i try to draw it keeps drawing, but weirdly, and then it fails the spell. I know this is a super confusing explanation so i will try to get a video on it today if i play.

@Ken Thanks, i hope this is indeed a server issue and not a controller issue, i would love to not have to replace my controller.

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