Warrior and the melee hit box

So I’ve noticed that certain mobs have issues with either the hit box not registering or registering hits with 0 damage. Also certain mobs with unusual hit boxes (wyverns particularly) are almost impossible to combo on. If I can land all four combos 100% of the time on rebels, red tails, spirits, golemns, etc… why can’t I ever land one on a wyvern? The pigmen make sense in that my hits aren’t registering, but the Flying mob will register every hit but not the combo. If it’s this side of the headset let me know, but I’ve noticed a lack of warriors in game, so I’m not sure if anyone else has had similar issues. Also is there a plan for any other Aggro generation ? The provoke combo is almost impossible if a range pulls a mob as I don’t know how to do this combo while chasing.

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So the issue is distance. Those wyvern fly almost on top of us so we have to back way up or our up swings register as left or right (preventing us from comboing). Also even thought they fly you don’t have to swing up towards them very much. Slashing straight ahead (slightly under them) should give better direction detection.

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I do what logan said as well, maybe following through with my swings higher. with big monsters I put extra effort in starting lower on my upswings. Just takes getting used to their hit boxes, and moving close enough to hit them. My biggest issue with fighting as a warrior is when the monster is literally inside of you and you have to swing in really strange angle like toward yourself to do combos or do damage as you readjust.

It’s the same for me. Often enemy gets too close… vertical upwards swings are registered as horizontal swings… it’s really annoying and erases a lot of damage potential :frowning:

The distance issue has been around for a long time. Waiting for Riley to find a fix. Pyra screamed when a crabface aberration jumped inside of him. It was hilarious but also makes it hard to play when that stuff happens


I’ve found ways around it but for new players it’s something that they shouldn’t have to learn to cope with

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Maybe they can decrease the hitbox size for sword swings and put it in the middle of each monster. so you have to pass through it’s core. I feel like the hitboxes are from the floor to a little over their head, so if you get a bad angle on a weird shaped or sized hitbox you can have an upswing be a side swing. Most of my up swings are like / or \ i find it hard to slash straight upwards

but maybe that would increase difficulty in terms of accuracy required for your swings

Upswings are easiest in / \ diagonals which is fine. Always does an up. It’s not so much hitbox size but the distance from the enemy. They get too close. A smaller hitbox would still be too close so the hilt will go through the middle vs stepping back so the blade has room.

Exactly. It’s a bug… there is no way around it. I really hope the can get rid of this bug before EA cause this bug happens all the time and I would encounter it within the first few minutes of the game and could probably start thinking they did no polishing

Even just using sword rush in the tutorial puts you inside the redtail so you can’t slide or attack until you teleport. I’m sure they’re working on it. It’s currently the biggest issue for the warrior, maybe except that stupid horn

what’s wrong with the horn? I find it hard to reach for without looking lol. it’s like my characters torso goes to the right a bit

The aggro gen from it doesn’t function correctly

Have you ever tried to grab it with your shield hand while tanking 5 mobs? There’s so much wrong with that horn.

Of course lol look down and turn so you block while grabbing it

So far in EA, the shield issue has been fixed since Wednesday, however up swings are not registering the same way they were Wednesday or in beta 4. Anyone else having issues with ups coming as laterals?

The shield issue is not necessarily fixed i’d say. to me it at first seemed completely removed. i was again able to block 100% of the time and attack. I don’t know if i was just having the shield in a real perfect position or whatever but later in the day yesterday i noticed sometimes my shield would block some of my swings. It felt completely inconsistent at that point and i’m not sure what the mechanic is. it’s not when your sword hits the shield. i am able to do damage that way. i also noticed with those little pig guys with swords and magic that i would be taking direct hits (not just poison damage) at times while blocking. For this I think it’s because their damage occurs much earlier than their swing animation. If a dev could, would you explain just how the shield is supposed to block the sword? what should i avoid if i don’t want my attacks blocked? which ways can I block and attack(maybe i can only attack the half of me that has the sword hand and the other side maybe gets blocked idk

Yeah I think there was another bug with this in some cases where it wasn’t registering at all which wasn’t intended. It should be working all the time now hopefully.

If your shield is in a position where it would block an enemy’s attack towards you, it will also block your own attack towards them. It has nothing to do with where the sword is in relation to the shield. So basically, if the shield is between you and the enemy when your sword hits the enemy, it will block your own attack. You have to move the shield out of the way and then swing with your other arm.

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