Warrior Blessings Proposition

For Protection, make it heal you by your current max health, allowing for overheal which would wear off after 5 or 10 seconds. This would make it actually do something useful other than buying the healer 5 seconds to line up a lifewell or w/e for it’s minute long cooldown This would also alleviate the need to spam provoke until your wrists are purple to heal through attacks at least once in a while during your shield recharge. 1v1 you can kinda hamstring and teleport I guess, you’ll still get hit a couple times but at least you can buy time to recharge your shield in that situation. Kinda niche though. This would give the warrior some self sustain which for a lv20 talent doesn’t sound like a bad idea for solo players which can get utterly shafted by monster spawns since they generally aren’t able to just DPS things down one after another.

Having it heal you / over heal you lets it also interact with Overheal, which would be a nice way to have some autonomy over your shield beyond the usual break it on purpose and wait 12 seconds ritual. The leech might have to be tweaked but even if you got half your shield health back from a full overheal that’d be pretty nice if the tank buster is on an odd timing or the group pulled a couple more enemies than anticipated.

For Might, 10% damage buff is okay I guess, since it stacks with potions and every class has their own incremental damage buffs. It’d be nice if it lasted it lasted a bit longer though, even 10 or 15 seconds since it’s on such a long cooldown compared to stuff like hunter’s mark.

Lastly, make it so you need to hold the trigger with the sword up to trigger these so we can have at least some control on when we use them, the only other use of the trigger is to sword rush enemies which generally involves pointing horizontally, so this should be doable.

So this is coming from an endgame warrior that tanks the hardest content in the game (I say this because I clearly use different talents than you do). The reason I don’t use overheal is because it’s just… bad. It messes up my shield rotation because I am getting health I should not have. Instead I use couter attack (wonder if they know about that typo) because a charged provoke would heal me more than a normal provoke and generate more agro. The reason I use the blessing of protection is just in case I get low, I can get a shield and heal myself.

Here’s the other thing. Warrior has some nice heals per second if you know how to provoke. If that blessing of protection heals you to full you get full health, a shield that has the health of whatever you lost, and provokes that would keep you at max and regen your shield if you use that.

Bottom line, the blessing of protection is already amazing as is. Making it heal you to full would not only make it op but would make warrior require way less skill.

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I guess we’ll agree to disagree, at the very least it’d be nice if it lasted more than 5 seconds. Even if both blessings were extended to 10 seconds it’d be nice. Right now it’s barely anything unless you already messed up and nearly died on top of being extremely easy to activate when you don’t want to. I’m using full left side of the tree atm but I plan on going with Counter* Attack mainly because you have just enough time to get a wound off in between monster attacks (usually) and this would let me keep spamming wound / blocking their attack and get a free charged attack without waiting at least every other block since it says it has a 5 sec CD.

What you’re asking for is something that will make it op as hell. You clearly aren’t doing it right.

Activating something that gives you a shield for missing health by accident at full health feels pretty terrible, and having to mess up in order to get any value of of it (ie 1-40% ish if your health left) is also odd for a talent. It’s not like Warrior is designed around damage reduction and healing like the Paladin, you’re just as dead 5 seconds later unless you’re able to provoke spam to heal while the shield is replacing that missing health. Even then how much are you really healing in 5 seconds?

At the very least require a trigger pull during the gesture to activate these abilities. That alone would be enough for most Warriors I figure.

I seem to tank completely fine without activating it.

Good for you, lol. I still think it’s a worthwhile, low cost QoL change.

Blessing of protection can be really useful the way it is, if you use it when your health is almost empty it basically does give you a full heal in terms of the damage it can mitigate and will usually last until your shield is back up.

Blessing of might is a 15% damage boost that lasts for 10 seconds, so if you activate it every time it’s up you boost the party by 2.5% overall.


Oh, the wiki I read said it was 10% for 5 seconds. 15% for 10 seconds is more than I was even suggesting lol. Buying time for your shield to recharge is a valid point, gives you something other than you’re ult to rely on for that at least once in a blue moon depending on what you’re fighting. I still would like the trigger pull on non-combo gestures though because it’s more consistent and it prevents you from using it accidentally either during your spamming or when you unsheathe your sword or stretch your sore af shoulders XD. It’s also about consistency - you trigger + shield swing to bash, pull both triggers to ult, trigger plus horizontal aiming for rush, the blessings are the odd one out logically it should be trigger plus vertical point imo.

edit: also there doesn’t seem to be any indication at all for the CD in game. Nothing on the shield or sword to show you the 1 min CD ticking down. That’d be… kinda nice.

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