Warrior Combo Changes. (Horizontal/Vertical)

I’m not necessarily having an issue with Warrior since, as a game dev and programmer myself (and debugger), I understand how hitboxes work very well, but they still aren’t really that ergonomic and it is still a relatively common complaint. (I hit my oculus move goals every day just doing a single dungeon as Warrior, though I usually use a few tricks to reduce the burden on my body. Point is that tells you how much the combos are used in even a single run. Making them more ergonomic, even if slightly, would just make things easier on Warriors. As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m for encouraging people to pick up Warrior as I’ve seen very few good ones).

Yeah, but I’d pay for a music DLC for the bard that lets me play some serious music while activating the notes (even if it doesn’t give me an actual advantage aside from good sounding music). (Sort of like Guitar Hero or Beat Saber or something). Like seriously, give me a set of drums or a violoncello or some bagpipes and let me do my bard notes to the rhythm of Slipknot or Hatsuki Yura or Mitose Noriko.

Like I said, two different spells if they are even just slightly off. Not two different spells if they are perfectly correct. It is basically impossible for me to have them perfect due to physical limitations. (I was actually using VR as a sort of rehab for a shoulder/arm injury and picked up Orbus just because it looked interesting - which is why I don’t spamcast and why I try to keep my burden low when I do Warrior/Shaman.).

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While that may be true, that didn’t feel like the point that was being made. If seemed to me that Nol_Mimi_Reyalta was saying that the game would feel better if it weren’t so easy to cast the wrong spell. This goes along with the original post discussing what might improve the warrior combos. It’s not that the spells can’t be cast correctly with practice nor that the warrior combos are impossible.

In BeatSaber, I miss cubes all the time–some of them when I thought I was aiming well–and true, if I were spot on, the hit would register. And there is a big difference in the flow of the cubes that would be nice to somehow translate to more fluid Warrior combos. I find them really awkward!

I haven’t tried playing Bard so cannot comment on the musicality. I can say that for BeatSaber, having a team that has a lot of musical experience is part of what makes the game as good as it is. I imagine that OrbusVR must have had someone with musical experience involved in creating the Bard instrumentations and that it might be worth considering how to make the bardic music even better.

I personally love the expanding options coming to RPGs thanks to VR and look forward to them continuing to get better and better!

I think there’d be too much interference

Except we were just talking about how another game managed to do it just fine.

It is less of a “can’t be done” and more of a “are the devs willing to put some of their budget into making a significant change”.

(And how much will the userbase resist such changes).

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Eh, no, only perpendicular to the ground if you’re looking straight ahead. It needs to be parallel to your face, so general rule of thumb is to look straight ahead and draw them perpendicular to the ground, but if you just draw them perpendicular to the ground while looking a little down at them that’s not gonna work.


Picking this game up to recovery after injury is a bad idea, it’s nonstop repetitive motions that will make you more sore than when you started, especially runemage and warrior but I find ranger kinda similar just with the elbow instead of the shoulder or wrist.

Like Scott said in another thread, there’s basically no reason to take Warrior over Paladin, especially if you’re just cheesing through dungeons imo.

I’d just remove the provoke as a combo and make every swing the warrior does have a tiny like 0.2-1% (scale based on swing length) heal attached and more aggro than average but I’m not the one in charge xD. Combos are cool and should be used for cool effects like the slow and AoE or when soloing the bonus damage. Realistically though the class is fundamentally awkward and mostly involves spamming muscle memory movements hundreds of times either for provoke or wound and in provoke’s case it’s not even worth charging it inbetween combos. If the devs want it to be spammy fine, but at least make it ergonomic.

Oh no, this isn’t my recovery game, just my fun game.

And yeah, I’d like more fun combos. Doesn’t need to be flashy or ‘cool’, but fun.

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