Warrior horn “dropping” off chest and not respawning

I’ve never seen this reported and I’m just done at the point. This causes wipes continuously and it’s super frustrating. As much as I love warrior one of its most devastating bugs is when the horn just flops on the ground and doesn’t respawn. I’ve tried switching classes and it doesn’t seem to work. What I’ve found to work is to search on the grey ground until I find the grey horn. It may seem like oh yeah just find it and pick it up big deal, but it a. Causes wipes because I realize I can’t pull for wild creatures + last stand and b. Can take a while to find.

How often does this happen? I’ve never experienced it and I’ve played warrior for a long time. Sounds annoying for sure.

For me it happens every couple days
I’ve never heard of it happening to anyone else

I’ve had horn issues where it doesn’t proc and where it just seems to take very long for it to reappear, but I don’t think I’ve had it just drop onto the ground (it could just be that I didn’t realize it was a bug and thought it was part of the game).

I’ve never experienced the bug myself, but I’ve been in shards where it happened to him, and watched him stream. It’s an odd one for sure.

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Okay, I think I’ve had this happen, but not on Warrior. It was on my shaman. Threw out the totems and as I was getting ready to throw my stun orb for an interrupt, I noticed that my fireball orb fell through the totem and never respawned until I threw out a new totem. I’ve been wondering why my orbs sometimes don’t spawn.