Warrior horn question

How exactly does the warrior horn work for aggro? Does it add a fixed amount each time you blow it? Or does it immediately place you at the top of the aggro chart when blown?

The question is basically this, should I be using it on every cool down? Or should I be saving it for when aggro is pulled off me?

Lastly, does anyone know why it doesn’t work sometimes. About half the time I use it. It uses the cool down but there is no sound associated with it and it doesn’t aggro enemies.

I’m still a fairly new warrior. So I have mostly been experiencing this at the event right outside highsteppe. But sometimes i hear my horn. Sometimes I don’t. And when I don’t, it clearly isn’t working as intended. But it still uses my cool down.

If anyone can provide any insight into either these things it would be appreciated.

Not sure but warriors don’t spam it. You use it only when you want aggro in an AoE, and monsters will attack you instead. At the least, it puts you on the top. It might reset aggro and give you some number to start from. A warrior probably knows.

I may be a warrior but @Åsmund_T_Potâto is more well versed in warrior. From what I know it resets agro. I do spam it however if dps are in range on certain bosses to give an extra shield buff as I don’t need it to get a boss back.

One way or another it places you on the top of the agro list

afaik it places you a set amount above the person on top of the agro table, without resetting it.

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Anyone want to test it with me to find out exactly how it works sometime? Not just the horn. But all the aggro mechanics.

This is what I’m thinking.

  1. Without either sword or shield out. Facepull an enemy and use horn. A DPS attack it and count up damage until it changes aggro.

  2. Dps pulls with one hit, record damage damage. Horn. Dps until change aggro. Record damage.

  3. Face pull. Horn. Face tank without shield until horn recharge. Horn again. DPS, record damage for aggro change.

Similarly I would be interested in knowing the flat aggro generation of normal sword swings. Aggro per damage as warrior. Provoke aggro. And shield aggro. All of which would be performed in a similar fashion. As above.

Such as face pull. Do x sword damage. No combos. Record damage to pull aggro. Find aggro/damage for warrior.

Facepull. Preform provoke combo. Subtract damage. Record damage for dps to pull aggro.

Etc. Etc. You get the idea. Anyone interested in doing some testing with me sometime?

@Scott has already done testing like this, maybe he’ll fill us in?

I lost the data on it :pleading_face:

I am almost sure the Horn does two things though:

  • If not on top of aggro table add to top
  • Always add X amount of aggro, even if already on top of aggro.

But testing again would do no harm :slight_smile:

So if it always adds X. Then warriors should be spamming it. Good to know. Thanks.

Kind of. If you know you are going to lose aggro to a specific player you can use it to scare them and stop them.

And the shard affix wild creatures which switches aggro between players forces you to keep your horn.

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