Warrior troubles

So I started playing recently, and despite really wanting to like this game, i’m being put off by how, at least the warrior class, just seems to not work fairly often. Combos don’t register for entire fights, the shield bash, which I apparently need to keep enemies from activating cures and regenerates, will just decide not to work.
Recently, an enemy that I was fighting just stopped taking hits and returned to full health mid fight, still attacking me the whole time.
Many enemies require that you be too close to them to see what they’re doing to actually hit them, so that’s about half of the class’ toolkit removed.
I’m playing on a Meta Quest 2 for clarification, so if that platform just doesn’t handle the game well so be it.
Not sure if there are some settings that need to be played with, if it’s a server or internet issue, or what.

Upswings can be hard to get right, I think my only tip for that is to point your sword straight down before starting an upswing and practice lots on the training dummy. I promise you will be able to do it every time with practice.
Shield bash has a cool-down, next time you use it look at the icons on your shield and you will see that one of them went from full to empty and start recharging, don’t remember which icon it is specifically, I do believe it says in the back of the player journal as well.
You should be able to see what enemies are doing from up close, but you can also turn on focus health bars in the settings and the health and cast bars will stay within your field of vision.

Also a general tip, warrior is not a good solo class, it can be done, but it’s damage is pretty low so it’ll take a while to kill things. Finding/making some friends to party up with would be ideal.


I’m aware of the shield bash cooldown, what i’m saying is it wasn’t working. Unless the cooldown is a variable time between 30 seconds and a minute, the cooldown wasn’t the problem.
Same with the combos, really. Sometimes they work, sometimes the same motions don’t register as a combo.
Hell, sometimes the hits don’t register as anything.
And why design warrior to not be strong enough to fight on level enemies with decent regularity? I’m not getting angry that I can’t grab several enemies at once here, just that I’d apparently need a buddy to go look around outside town.

Are you pulling the trigger while bashing? That is something that needs to be done, other than that I don’t know what else would be causing it not to work, but test it on a dummy for a bit and figure out what motion works best for you. For me I typically just rotate my hand to swing the lower portion of the shield into the enemy.

With the combos, so long as it registers the right hits it will work, getting the right hits to register can be challenging, but like I said, you can get it done consistently, it just takes practice. There is a hit cap of 5 hits a second, or 0.2 seconds between each hit, if you do a hit within 0.2 seconds of the previous hit it will not register.
Which way you’re looking also had an effect on the combos, something that was added a long time ago to help combo consistency when fighting groups. So look at the enemy you’re fighting, if you look away it might not register the swing properly.
Trust me when I say combos are 100% consistent, it just takes practice. I’ve played warrior for almost all content in reborn and all content in old-game.

The reason you’re better of with a buddy is that warrior is a tank class, and is not designed to do a lot of damage. It can still do enough to kill things solo, it just takes a bit longer than the other DPS classes.
If tanking is not your cup of tea, you might want to consider switching to a DPS or healer class.

I’m pulling the trigger on the bash.
The hit cap could be the issue, but i’ll have to see. I started seeing the issues really when going up against the big armored undead and the bigger wooden guys with clubs, where i’d have to be too close to them to see their swings.
Tanking is what I do in MMOs. My nephew and I got the game together, and he wants to be a mage, so I wanna tank.
Besides, I’d only want to do melee, always have.

Unlike other mmos there’s no downside to running multiple classes, you could play dps solo and tank when your playing with a buddy. You also able to complete quests as any class but turn them in on a class of choice for xp. Just an idea to help lvl tricky classes, I have a warrior it’s a fun class.

I would try paladin too if you haven’t already. I prefer it over warrior and you might too with it not having as much as a skill gap or could just fix the problems you’ve been having

I’d hate to just give up on warrior, though. Paladin is much easier from what 've played thus far.

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i prefer my warrior as a tank for 2 reasons 1 agro is easy and given, the actual tank experince is more fun and challenging. The 2 reasons you should ever play Palidan is either you want an easy tank, or people are bickering at you the moment a raid starts (its really only boss 1 and 4 citadel normal and 1,2,4 hardmode). But all of the bosses have been done with a warrior main tank correct me if I’m wrong but scott did boss 4 hardmode on a warrior. People dont like warrior because the sheild creates diffrent issues than a double pali tank swap rotation. or the fact that warrior doesnt have the 50% natural damage reduction of a palidan. For some reason on capable bosses mainly boss 2 hardmode any decent warrior can do it as well or better than a paliadan just because the nature of warriors agro generation

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On boss 2 I’d even argue the group will be better of with a warrior since warrior can hamstring before rampage, making the running around trivial when combined with frost.
Boss 4 HM has been done with Scott on warrior main tank, but in that case it does require far from optimal strategy adjustments. Mainly, warrior afaik, will not be able to survive the orbs during hell fase indefinitely, maybe if you chug down health pots when shield is down. What Scott did(I think) was go to hell as main tank, meaning the healers had to avoid healing him so they didn’t end up in combat with the boss. Also the boss needs to be kited to clear sickness stacks, tho with a hamstring and frost this doesn’t affect boss DPS much.
This is with the strategy that is almost always used on the boss, with the intended strat, warrior tank wouldn’t really be an issue on boss 4.

I love warrior myself, but unfortunately, in most situations a good paladin will outperform an excellent warrior. That’s not to say a warrior isn’t good, just that paladin is better most of the time, a bit too good IMO.

Indeed for portal orbs you cant survive forever without changing strats on warrior. There is however some ways to do it. We did go as main tank to hell. But we also once just chugged health pots on bad timing shield downs. Or last method is letting the other people staying behind alternate between taking hits for the tank when the shield is down.

But the bigger problem is, when dps gets to the top of the top mages you cant keep aggro as a warrior on the boss anymore is what I experienced. Because of all the kiting. (almost no players will have thaaat extreme dps though. So its a rare problem. And maybe some optimization/risk taking would fix this problem)

You can warrior tank everything. The only question is if you are up for the challenge to perform well enough that you dont hold other people back too much.


do you have a video of the warrior boss 4 clear?

I do not have a video no. Was ages ago.

warrior is higher skill higher reward on most bosses in the game. it is very much worth learning but requires more healer skill and as a reward you can have higher skill damage players in your party without waiting to start their damage.

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