Warrior upswing

Up swinging is a jarring move for some players to preform to get their combos off. Is there a way to resolve this? I was reading about raising the hit boxes up so that way the players sword can register the up swing direction better which I believe would help a lot just in the fact that if you get ready for the upswing your not accidentally hitting the target. Why not change it to a down swing and not adjusting the hit boxes. Swinging down is a much more fluid motion for the arm as it is going into a rested position. Thank you for all your hard work.

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Raising hit boxes up could make Bard Crescendos pass underneath enemies. This is already an issue on several bosses :confused: Luckily the upswing, as janky as it is, is something you can get the hang of quickly. I recommend practicing on the practice dummy in the Training Room of your Player House. You’ll get it in no time :slight_smile:

Couple things. 1: it isn’t a jarring move if you do it right. Try to move your arm from your elbow and most from your wrist, but don’t do it hard or you’ll hurt yourself. 2: coming from someone who’s been a warrior for years, I would hate if it were a downswing cause I would basically have to start all over with all of my combos.

They’re seperate hitboxes, so it wouldn’t affect bard or the other classes.

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I remember feeling the same way when I first started but can assure you it gets easier with practice. Learning hitboxes is a part of the class I found. Good luck

Thank you for the feed back! The tip about moving the forearm versus the whole are sound like something I will have to try. I haven’t play warrior for that long I just know that what I have played my arm is hurting by the first hour of play. That’s what made me think about posting about it. Have fun playing guys!!

you can also go to setting and click “weapon adjust” and make the sword point more down by default so you don’t have to move your arm down as much.