Warriors! How are your arms?

Any tips to reduce strain?

Let’s hear some best practices to entice those of us who may be concerned their arm will fall off!

use your abs and roll your shoulders with it. If you spread out the ‘energy’ ‘strain’ ‘force’ ‘power’ whatever, it’ll make your arm last a lot longer


Light stretching before and after.


First of, wyverns are terrible and evil. Swinging up continuously is awful and really causes stress to the shoulder muscle (I don’t know what the muscle group is called). I think I pulled it doing that exact thing yesterday :laughing:. One thing I do find that helps though is spreading out my legs and pushing back and forth between the balls of my feet to create sword strokes. This causes less strain on the arms and allows me to move faster. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I would also highly recommend switching up arms when one gets tired. Your non-dominant arm may be ‘clumsy’ at first, but with practice/usage it will get better. I think that grouped with the other suggestions would really help.

Arms? You mean these noodles attached to my shoulders?

Yeah, I’ve referred to this game as “my new exercise routine”.

Unfortunately, I’ll probably end up like this:

I found it effective to cock your arm to your hip and use your wrist more to swing the sword… swish left, then a swish up, then a quick left and a right. On that final right, rotate your torso and left arm 45° right and you’re ready to block. Wait for the block and repeat. Can be done effectively and with little “full body” motion.

I get the same way when casting spells fast

I find Runemage casting to be far more tiring than swinging my virtual sword… Considering putting some weights on my arms so I can get jacked while playing.


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