Was told I was getting unbanned

I was banned a while ago for duping, I was told I would get unbanned once the dupe was patched. I’ve sent a few emails with no response, am I getting unbanned or not.

Same brother same, your probably not going to get unbanned they’ve just ghosted me

isn’t admitting to duping on an mmorpg like telling a cop about a 1st degree felony you just committed then asking them to let you out of their backseat? But I feel for you man being banned sucks but even worse when you did not earn the ban, happens too much with mmorpg’s

I always expected to be perma banned from duping but the devs had said that after the dupe was patched they would unban people but then just ghosted everyone, not even saying they were going leave the ban.

Maybe whoever said that planned on it, but later on had a meeting that did not go over so well for the players involved, but not sure. Now cops on the other hand they will lie all day to you to get what they want at least most will, I watch a lot of yt lmao.

I do hope you get unbanned though, bans on an mmorpg are a very brutal thing. Also in this case I don’t see how it could help the game if anything more people playing would be nice

I will be following up via email, and will be closing this topic as we do not publicly discuss moderation actions with players, but we take what we deem to be appropriate actions based on the gravity of the incident or repeated violations of our Code of Conduct.