Waystation Crypt Raid (Expert Mode) Defeated by Eternal Knights!


Enduring blood, pain, and bugs… ascending through Pre-Nerf, Normal, Hard and now Expert difficulty… Lord Dethslatu, in his final and most powerful incarnation has at long last fallen to the blades, bows, guns, wands, and sheer determination of the Eternal Knights!

More than any other content in Orbus to date, Expert Mode Dethslatu presented us with our greatest challenge ever, and I am beyond proud of my guild for persevering through weeks of effort, practice, bug reporting, and tactic refining to achieve this moment.

We can now look forward to the reborn world of Orbus with open hearts, knowing that we did everything we possibly could to save this realm.


Shamwow and ye shall receive (feat. new gloves)



Hey look, that’s me! ^^ Super proud of all of you guys. Including those who subbed out this week. It’s been brutal.


Congratulations, nice work!


Congrats!! Good job guys! Could you upload a close up picture of the cape?


Congrats! Great job! Nice cape!


Congrats guys awesome job!


:drooling_face: 20char


That bow is sexy! :heart_eyes:


I am so incredibly jealooooooooooooous :hushed:

Well done EK! I hope many others will beat expert Dethslatu before reborn starts :slight_smile: (without bugs hopefully)


I can try and take one for you tonight. Maybe @Snoopy has one of his?


That’s the best one i’ve got


Nicee! Thanks! That looks cool!


Congrats I know it was a very difficult challenge due not only to the fight mechanics as intended but also some of the bugs that reared up due to how difficult and precise we made the tuning. Honestly, I think this is the most highly-tuned content we will be putting out for quite a long time so it’s definitely an accomplishment to revel in.


As a side note, he hit his enrage timer at under 5% earlier that set of attempts. It provoked us enough to pop another set of potions and make what would be that fateful final run


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