Weapon stones/gems

With the new raid coming up, there isn’t gonna be too much to work for besides your weekly tokens (for endgame players). I have everything from 15s already so there isn’t much of a point to play them which has lead to me logging on for my weekly raids and leaving. My idea is different level stones for weapons. They would drop from level 13-15 shards with less than a legendary drop rate (reason being they would boost your performance quite a bit). The higher the shard, the higher level stone. There would be tank stones, support stones, dps stones. These would give your weapons and items a glow (a cracked molten lava look) that you can turn off (filtered by items then weapons). You will also be able to turn hem off for other people just in case they lag you. Stones won’t activate on the wrong role.

All stones would make all tiles last 10% longer.

Note: I don’t want these to be incredibly powerful, just something to give you an edge and grind for.


This stone would boost your out of combat heal, the healing you take, and your health amount. 5% faster super charge and 5% less crit damage taken. 5% more vitality.


This stone would increase your healing by 5% with a 5% extra chance to crit. 5% faster super charge. Vitality would be boosted as well as intellect.


This stone will boost intellect, strength, and crit chance. 5% chance to crit, 5% more intellect, and 5% more strength. 7% super charge rate.


I like this idea it gives a different incentive.

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A different thing to grind for is always good!

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Xeno I’m already in the game and I am quite powerful I don’t get what more you want

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Right my bad forgot about you