Website Updates + API Opt-Out


Just a quick note that we’ve updated the website to feature the new leaderboard categories for Reborn (of course none of them have data right now since the game is down). We’ve also added a link to the bottom of the page where you can view the archived leaderboards from the original OrbusVR game.

We’ve also added a new option on your My Account page, which allows you to check a box to opt-out of the public Character API, for those of you who don’t want to share data on e.g. your equipment and whatnot for others to see.



No board for overworld PKs? Also does opting out also include info like dungeon runs and output/combat logs


You opt out of the entire public API of your character. Leaderboards on our official site will still include you, but any 3rd party sites that rely on the character API data would not have you in them anymore.

Your combat log is local to your computer and this has nothing to do with that.


I don’t really understand why there is a leaderboard for healing potions taken, but will this include all level/ages of healing potions?


Are ppl not more a fan of hiding strats? Which will mostly be hiding armour/class only. Not everything of the API? (Because they still wanna show of they did something) I never heard anyone complain: I don’t want anything of me to be public.


Healing pots taken might be a strat of the devs to trigger ppl to use healing potions regularly :joy:


Having that stat on there just encourages making low level healing potions and drinking them to boost stats on the leaderboard for both potion making and healing potion drinking


Meeh I think it will do both. But yeah the one most on top just drink them to boost.


We might eventually add something more granular API-wise where you can pick and choose what data to share, but for now, this is what we have time to implement.


I think Anything or Nothing is a good approach. People who want to show up should have everything up and people who have an issue can opt out entirely


it’s a fair system, eventually I’m sure orbus will add more generally scrapable stats without forcing anybody to let others peek under their proverbial skirt

  • Dragon Races - is that number done or the top 3/10 on each or what?
  • Critter Capture - this activity seems to be missing from boards?
  • Shard Completed - this should be plural, right?
  • Public Events Completed - this activity also seems to be missing.


Standing in the entrance of this dungeon and wasting 12 healing pots was one of the most senseless missions and now there’s a leaderboard achievement for it?! Sorry, why??? Drinking pots is only needed in extreme situations like raids with superhigh damage and no healer-coverage and it takes off time from the fight to do so. People will just choke low-level pots up in HS or dungeon entrances.
And if it’s made so that people need to do it midst-fight instead of playing their class it would mess up dungeon groups…

API: It has been brought up by several people that the easiest way to not show armor, or certain armor, is to make it update on logout, not whilst playing.
I think most would prefer to switch their gear themselves on logout, or even only the parts they care of, instead of completely opting out of everything.


No, most people would not want to do this. It is a pain to remember to take your gear off every time. I’m happy with the new change along with a lot of other people.


I don’t think there’s any reason not to keep the new opt-out feature, I agree it would be nice as I said to have some more granular control, but even the idea of only snap-shotting your gear on logout for example for API purposes would require additional programming time to implement. Which is in short supply right now, but as I said, we will circle back around to this at some point and improve it. I mostly just wanted to get something in place so people who really don’t want to share their character info don’t have to share any of it at all if that’s their preference.

Regarding the healing potions leaderboard, the leaderboards are meant to a mix of fun and more “serious” stats. That’s definitely one on the more fun side. You can always choose whether or not you care about who’s winning in each category, after all.


I like the idea its a good balance, no public api but leader board stats remain. I like the idea.


Then it’s not a problem at all, thought you guys surely wanted to show off your other stats :smiley: … in the long run there will be complaints about the all or nothing though, but yea since I would not think of opting out from anything idc much. Even wished we had an easy way to show our inventory to others, it would make trading easier.


I think we all know who will drink the most healing pots :slight_smile:


for me of course :stuck_out_tongue: