Websocket Closed by remote host

I was told to post the output logs after I have been disconnected multiple times. I tried to just copy and paste but the output is too long to fit into a post.


So it seems like that happens when you have a big latency spike…we’ve seen this in testing with Robert when he is on a really crummy WiFi connection for example. Looking at your output log, there is a spot where right before it ends your latency jumps from ~70 ms to 470ms, so I think there was some packet loss or something. How often is it happening to you?

This happened three times in the dungeon at the final boss and once while fighting the world boss. I am using a cat7 cable to my router. No one other than myself was using the network.

Have you tried using the Alternate connection type in the launcher? Just curious if that makes a difference for you.

No but I will next time it happens. For now it seems fine.