Weighted Vest/Gear

Just put in an order on Amazon for a 20lb weighted vest; looks like it should get in by April 18, just in time for the first closed Alpha! Anyone else looking at trying to up their calorie burn during long Orbus sessions?

Are the arms weighted as well or is it just the body?

Just the body. I was worried about incurring joint damage from extremity weights (I think there’s a whole generation of kids out there who have some ankle damage going on from the DBZ ankle weight craze).


I was actually going to bring the joint damage up, but it looks like you’ve done your research. Well I hope you enjoy it, I love getting exercise through VR. I’m trying to save money at the moment so I might try the poor mans version and duck tape some baked beans to my torso :smiley:


Hahaha, awesome. The ultimate in workout technology

I’m personally trying to lose weight to keep my back and leg issues from playing up, but I look forward to being able to add more weight back ON again at some point.

Ah, I hope all the best for you man. I was actually just thinking about back issues with a weighted vest… we do a lot of bending over to pick up loot in Orbus. I’m going to need to adopt a squat approach to grabbing loot or I think the vest will eradicate my back

Yeah, thanks.

Something to think about for sure.

Maybe this is something for when the servers will be up 24/7, but if they go offline soon I would rather enjoy the whole experience instead of having to quit early because of strain or fatigue.

But that’s your call offcourse.

That’s a fair point, I’ll be kicking myself pretty hard if I deprive myself the ability to play to my full extent in the upcoming alphas. That being said, we’re going to keep getting character wipes until Early Access, so at least I wouldn’t be falling behind the curve if I did miss some time.